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The List: 20 Products We Loved in 2023

Our Annual Top Products List is Back!

It’s that time of the year once again when we salute the inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs propelling our industry forward. As stoners, we’ve always been masters of the improvisational engineering projects, ready to MacGyver our way into a toke session from whatever random material happens to be on hand. Apples? Soda cans? 2-liter bottles? Butterknife and a stove top? We got this. Let’s get baked. The modern entrepreneurs in this space honor that legacy, bringing fresh innovations every year that offer new, ever more sophisticated ways to elevate. So here’s to you, trailblazing toker (emphasis on blazing), for another year dedicated to keeping us lit. Sure, we could still work some magic with an ice pick, avocado and a snorkel if we needed to, but thanks to your efforts, we no longer need to.

ZIGZAG has been a rolling paper maestro since 1980, captivating cannabis aficionados with their smooth, consistent papers. Their extensive range includes classic hemp, ultra-thin blunts, pre-rolled cones, and luxurious glass tips. Offering unparalleled quality, variety, and affordability, ZIGZAG guarantees one hell of a smoking experience.
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Pulsar ECF Electric Cone Filler
Pulsar ECF Electric Cone Filler The Pulsar ECF Electric Cone Filler is a bona fide party starter and festival must-have! This little dynamo transforms tedious cone-filling into a moment of zen, and comes in a handy travel case with all the cool gadgets for grinding, packing, and showing off. Its zippy 350mAh battery means it’s always party-ready, while the innovative grinder and storage solutions make for flawless cone execution.
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JustCBD brings premium quality with fun and wellness in equal parts offering a vibrant product range range sourced from organic hemp, and rigorously third-party tested for purity and potency. With selection including flavored gummies, potent oils, and pet-friendly options, JustCBD scores high on diversity, affordability, and excellent customer service, consistently trending as a top-tier brand.
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Dabtech Trio
Retailers will find this remarkable 3-in-1 vaping device a game-changing addition to their inventory, as it revolutionizes dab enjoyment for consumers. It effortlessly connects to any glass-on-glass water piece, delivering outstanding performance in a swift five seconds, eliminating the need for a torch or dealing with exposed nails. The ceramic bowl promises a flavorful experience, making this innovative device a captivating, transformative item that’s sure to attract attention and boost sales.
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Blown Glass Goods
BLOWN GLASS presents its Bubbler Attachment, tailored for the Puffco Proxy, showcasing impeccable craftsmanship and innovation. Each draw offers smooth, flavorful clouds, while the sleek design elevates vaping sessions with elegance. Intricate glasswork guarantees durability, captivating discerning vapers with a perfect blend of function and artistry.
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Bliss is personified by O.P.M.S.®, Kratom and Kava, pioneers in the extract field since 2010. Utilizing a unique cold water extraction process, they have established the gold standard for purity and potency. Their commitment to quality guarantees 100% natural, pristine products, ensuring every leaf and root retains its full spectrum of effects, capturing the very essence of the plant’s alkaloids, and representing the pinnacle of botanical excellence.
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Canna-Elite fuses gourmet innovation with top-shelf, hemp-derived THC, presenting a lavish range of cannabis-infused delights catered to the grown-up palate. From velvety truffles to rich chocolates and refreshing drinks, their expertise in culinary artistry combined with cannabis innovation crafts a distinguished collection that captivates every palate.
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Mushroom Lyfe Functional Mushroom Blend Doggy Treats
The latest in pet wellness is here, and it’s Mushroom Lyfe Functional Blend Doggy Treats! These innovative, NEW treats merge a powerful mushroom blend with CBD, offering expanded options for our furry companions. It’s a woof-tastic blend for a new generation of pet enthusiasts.
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Maia 420 Series
Get ready to ride the 420 wave with Maia Toys’ playful 420 Series! It’s a fantastic bridge for any head shop retailer stepping into the pleasure toy game, offering an array of adult products that perfectly vibe with the 420 culture. From funky colors to eye-catching designs, this collection has something for everyone. Step up the fun factor in your shop today with the Maia Toys 420 Series.
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High Voltage Premium Detox Drink
minates toxins with its unique blend of B-Vitamins, Creatine, and herbal extracts. Effects kick in within 30 minutes, offering up to 7 hours of peace of mind. Keep your customers hydrated and detoxed with High Voltage Premium Detox Drink, a must-have addition for every retailer.
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Infyniti Prism Digital Scale
Boasting a sleek design, this pocket scale brings precision and panache in copious and equal helpings. Its vibrant blue backlit digital display ensures clarity, while the auto shut-off feature facilitates efficiency. The spacious stainless-steel platform promises durability, and with standard weight auto calibration, accuracy is never in question. The Prism; it’s the weigh of the future.
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Wildberry Incense Traditional Stick Starter Kit
Wildberry’s Traditional Stick Starter Kit is treasure trove of scents with 90 fragrances, all hand-dipped in Ohio to offer an irresistible sensory journey. This is more than just incense; it’s a gateway to an enriched atmosphere, a boost in sales, and hopefully a bit of cover for that one employee that doesn’t like to bathe. Transform your space with this fragrant extravaganza.
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Tyson 2.0
Iron Mike Tyson packs a punch with the Tyson 2.0 Heavy Weight disposable vape. Echoing Tyson’s strength, this hitter delivers up to 7000 flavorful rounds while its sleek design pays homage to the boxing legend’s signature style, making it a standout in performance and prestige. Retailers, meet the titan of disposable vapes.
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STNR 3 Gram Stoner’s Blend Disposable
STNR Creations’ 3 Gram Disposable is a pocket-sized flavor explosion packed with their signature Stoner’s Blend of Delta 8, Delta 10, THC-P, and THC-B, and kissed by nature’s finest terpenes. And the Kandyland Flavor? Think fruit meets candy in a sweet, tropical dance-off. Yummy AF.
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GAGS Cordless E-RigSlide Heading
Desktop vaporizing is getting a fun-sized, quippy makeover. This lightweight champ tackles wax and oil carts, ditching the cords for easy group sessions and quick clean-ups. Featuring a unique dome bowl for passing clouds of joy, GAGS turns any gathering into a legendary vape party. Get ready; the revolution is here.
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Smokebuddy Original
The Smokebuddy is the OG of stealthy smoke sessions, a staple for travelling professionals sneaking low-profile tokes since the mid-2000s. Now Smokebuddy’s offering that same ninja-level clandestine smoking experience in a paper version. Embracing sustainability, this all-paper Smokebuddy filters smoke and minimizes odor just like the original, but in an eco-friendly format. Join the green revolution!
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Doob Tubes
The Doob Tube is your discreet pocket pal for storing pre-rolled treasures. Compact, clever, and keen on keeping things confidential, these containers are on-the-go guardians for your medicine. Available in various sizes and a kaleidoscope of colors, the Doob Tube is customizable, durable, and downright indispensable for smokers on the go. So, roll on and roam free; Doob Tube’s got your back.
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Piece Water
Piece Water is an all-natural concoction that battles resin like a champ, ensuring bongs and water pipes stay spotless. It’s a 100% natural, non-toxic marvel that guarantees cleaner, smoother hits. Stocking this magic elixir means offering customers an easy cleanup and an unparalleled smoking experience. Help them say goodbye to resin and hello to pure, unadulterated bliss with Piece Water Solution®.
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Sheesh! It may be a 2oz shot that packs an invigorating punch, but don’t call it an energy drink. Sheesh forsakes the tired artificial caffeine and B-vitamin formula entirely, striving instead for total body wellness. Developed by an industry veteran who is equal parts hiking enthusiast and avid toker, Sheesh provides a balanced, all-day jitter-free focus and vitality through a unique and intricately curated assortment of functional herbs and compounds sourced the world over—and sheesh, does it ever work.
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