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Canna Aid

The Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box isn’t new, but with the company’s constant improvements and award-worthy customer service, it feels new every time we talk about it. Even now, with the onslaught of flashy new hand-help dry herb vapes on the market all claiming to be game-changers, the Launch Box still delivers surprising satisfaction at a super-reasonable cost.

Operation is simple. Slide off the lid, load the chamber and slide the lid back in place. Then, insert the provided double-A battery and inhale when you see vapor. So easy, a kindergartner could do it, but don’t even think about letting one try it unless you want us calling child services on your ass. Give them their lunch box; you take the Launch Box.

Pro tip: if your customers come in complaining that their Magic Flight Launch Box just isn’t hitting like it used to, the problem is more likely to be with the batteries than the unit. Those rechargeables can’t keep recharging indefinitely. Be a hero. Keep replacements in stock to make happy customers while making an extra buck.

Speaking of making extra those extra bucks, don’t forget that Magic Flight offers all kinds of upgrades and add-ons for easy upselling.

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Canna Aid

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