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The MonkeyTail

Sometimes the best things in life are the simple ones. Take the MonkeyTail, for example. Is it a revolutionary breakthrough in technology? Well, it’s no vaporizer or e-nail, that’s for sure. But could it become a staple that your customers find they can’t live without? Absolutely.

The MonkeyTail is a lighter sheath with a flexible tail that clips onto your belt loop or hangs on the edge of your pocket and provides a kickass bonus feature as a super-portable mobile phone kickstand. If you think you’ve seen it before, maybe you have. It’s been in the winner’s grab bag at the past three Winter CHAMPS in Vegas, as well as once in Atlantic City, you lucky sonofabitch, you.

But seriously, the real icing on the cake is you can have it customized with your store logo, which means your name gets brought up every time your one of your customer lights up with friends. Even better, make it the loyalty card your peeps will never lose. Whether you give it out as schwag or use it to squeeze an extra few bucks out of every transaction, tell those savvy mofos to bring it back for a discount and watch your customer retention soar. You’re welcome.

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