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Canna Aid

The Northern Lights Up

Since their inception in 2010, Infyniti Scales has evolved far beyond their namesake product. Today, the Canadian-based distributor and manufacturer has become a comprehensive provider for cannabis aficionados on both sides of the border, with offerings including digital – pocket scales, jewelry scales, and kitchen scales. They’ve even tapped into the celebrity-merch market, boasting officially licensed items from big names like The Notorious BIG and Cheech & Chong, as well as their homegrown heroes, The Tragically Hip. Don’t know who that is? Silly American. Just cross the border and turn on the radio; you’ll figure it out.

But where Infyniti Scales truly distinguishes itself is in its customer experience. The team is dedicated to making each interaction as effortless as possible, offering hands-on order assembly, accurate invoicing, speedy shipping, and proactive customer service—all layered in that gushing, syrupy sweet courtesy for which our Northern neighbors are famous. Their communication channels are always open, whether it’s their website –, email, phone, or even Instagram DMs, promising responses in 24 hours or less.

Behind the scenes, Infyniti Scales’ team is equipped with over 40 years of retail experience, a wealth of knowledge they’ve leveraged to navigate the burgeoning cannabis industry. Their keen understanding of branding and marketing sets them apart, ensuring their finger is always on the pulse of emerging trends and opportunities.

As the cannabis market grows, Infyniti Scales is committed to growing along with it. They’ve taken the legalization of marijuana in Canada as a springboard to further expand their brand, and they invite you to be part of their exciting journey. Infyniti Scales goes beyond being just a company; they’re a reliable partner, ready to equip you with all your weighing needs for your next smoke session. So whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, Infyniti Scales welcomes you to the table with a wealth of choice and quality.

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