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Canna Aid

The Polar Blast 

The next time somebody tells you to chill, grab a Polar Blast. The innovative smoking device features a dual-wall vacuum-insulated stainless-steel tumbler and specially designed lid to create a one-of-a-kind ice bong. Texas-based inventor Eddie Villarreal designed the lid to not only help keep in the cold, but also to fit a high-glass bowl, stainless steel downstem, and a durable food-grade silicone nozzle. When filled with ice (and a little water), the Polar Blast chills smoke to 29 degrees. 

“Everybody thinks the Polar Blast is a gimmick until they try it,” says Villarreal. “As soon as they take a draw, their eyes get big and they’re like, “Damn, that’s the smoothest hits I’ve ever taken!” 

Since its launch in 2018, the Polar Blast has exceeded 100,000 units in sales. And that’s likely to climb higher with the release of the Incognito, an all-in-one version that includes a compartmentalized lid for storing all the parts and even a lighter. There’s also a built-in grinder and stash container that screws onto the bottom of the tumbler. 

The Polar Blast is available in a variety of solid colors and limited-edition graphics, such as the popular unicorn (created by Villarreal himself), Texas camo, pride rainbow (with embedded glitter), and the US Space Force logo. 

Villarreal says that for smoke shops and dispensaries, having their logo added to the Polar Blast is the ultimate marketing tool. 

“We want the Polar Blast to by YOUR canvas,” he says, adding that custom designs have only a 6-piece minimum order. 

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