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Canna Aid

The Pop Top

What we wouldn’t give to spend just one day as an adolescent in the 90s again. 80s babies, you remember. Cruising through town, cranking Snoop in a $300 clunker with a $1,000 stereo. Painted curbs covered in surf wax. Bike rides without helmets. Airwalk 1ones held together with Shoe Goo. $.59 Tacos. Smoking out of soda cans. Yes, kids, we smoked out of soda cans. Don’t judge. It was either that or notebook paper. You have no idea what the struggle was like.

Sadly, as far as we know, time only marches in one direction. No exceptions, no takesies backsies. But thanks to White Rhino’s new Pop Top, we can at least bring back the soda can.

No, you don’t smoke directly off the can this time. We’re not savages. The can is just the water chamber. The Pop Top: everything else. It’s a hybrid silicon/glass-on-glass assembly that slides over any standard soda can to create an air-tight seal for a perfectly functioning, ready-made water pipe on the go. There are very few factors that encourage impulse buys more than novelty or nostalgia. With the Pop Top, White Rhino hits on both. Now, if only they could do something about the 59-79-99 menu.

Available in six colors. 855-803-8883 @unikdistribution @whiterhinoproducts

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