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Canna Aid

The Power Hitter


Let’s be real; unless you’re a fan of militarized drug enforcement or gender-neutral pop metal, the Reagan Era sucked. But as with everything in life, there are still tiny nuggets of awesome we can glean if we know where to look—and we’re talking about more than albums by U2 that are actually listenable. 

We’re talking specifically about that time in 1980-something when Allen Stein went to a Dead show and discovered the Power Hitter, the ingenious device first invented in the 70s that turns any joint into a shotgun blast of stickyicky straight to the face-hole.  


Years later, after misplacing his Power Hitter, he discovered that the model had gone out of production. So, he did what any rational entrepreneur would do; he rebooted the company himself with the blessing of the originator and recreated the long-lost classic with updated materials.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. In the post-covid era, the classic smoke circle is on the verge extinction, but with the Power Hitter, you can puff, puff, pass to your heart’s content with no mouth-to-j contact. Simply light your pre-roll, place it in the holder, assemble and squeeze. It’s the fastest way to rip a J! 

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