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Canna Aid

The Revolver Grinder/Cone Loader


Imagine having your own personal pre-roll factory! If you’re the type who wants things done your way, but when it comes to rolling your own smokes, you could never quite get it right or you’re simply fed up with the time it takes and the mess filling a pre-rolled cone can create, The Revolver is your dream machine.  But it’s not a gimmick — the idea was born out of necessity and then carefully designed, tested and proven to ensure a robust device that works exactly as advertised. The patent-pending all-in-one design integrates a grinder atop a clear chamber with capacity for 5 pre-rolled cones and a 6th flow-through-to-catch chamber to catch excess material for use another session. Maybe your eyesight isn’t as sharp as it once was or your fingers and hands aren’t as nimble as they were back in the day, The Revolver was invented by a cannabis enthusiast with a background in medical equipment, to be user-friendly and functional, turning out the perfect preroll every time. Included in the package is The Revolver, 20 signature pre-rolled wood pulp cones, a box of matches and a joint tube.

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