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The Roadrunner by Homeblown Glass

“I loved how Kristian Merwin had combined the chubbler with the Zamboni tip concept,” says Home Blown Glass owner, Fred Schorsch, “It was brilliant.”

But Schorsch was never interested in being another knock off artist.

“I did not want to be that guy,” he says. But a good idea is a good idea, and Schorsch, like many others found inspiration within that idea to create something of his own.

The result was the Road Runner, a handmade glass nectar straw design that is as stylishly simple as it is functional. Conceived to compete with the rapidly developing electronic units, the Roadrunner is quick and easy to use, requiring little more than five seconds of heating from a standard hand torch and 10 from a pocket torch. Simply warm to prevent thermal shock, heat to color change and slurp that sweetness to your heart’s content.

The low temperature functionality means amazing flavor while diffusion from the center donut rings means rips are surprisingly gentle. Even more surprising is the price. The starting MSRP is a mere $40, making the Road Runner a solid buy from a solid American company.

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