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Canna Aid

The ScooP

The ScooP is a convenient little tool that will leave most cannabis enthusiasts wondering how they ever lived without it. The ScooP allows consumers to gather and transfer a perfect ¼ teaspoon of ground herbs without the need to touch it with their fingers, leaving the trichomes where they belong instead of making their fingers sticky. The back end of The ScooP packs the herbs down into any size pipe and the handle is designed as the perfect pollen scraper.

Since this one of a kind product hit the market last year, customers have responded with all sorts of other convenient ways to utilize The ScooP. They fill their rolling papers, dry herb vaporizers, dugouts and pre-rolled cones with it. They use the corners of the handle to crack open blunts, stir up their bowl pack or scrape out the ashes. They pack a one hitter with The ScooP in the palm of their hand, and they even use it to transfer rosin or crumble. Can you think of another great way to use The ScooP?

Designed and manufactured in the USA from food and medical grade recycled aluminum, utilizing minimal packaging made from recycled paper and produced with wind energy, the makers of The Scoop strive to bring the best product they can in the most responsible way possible. This fun and suitable accessory has many unique benefits that make it an amazing stand-alone product as well as a valuable add-on or bundling item with virtually any sale., so what are you waiting for? Get the ScooP!


Canna Aid

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