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The Slider from Home Blown Glass

Sometimes you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes it’s as simple as making just the right tweaks. Take the Cannabis Cup award winning Slider from Home Blown Glass.

Ostensibly, it’s just another glass blunt, a design that’s been getting passed around in back-alley smoke circles since the early 70s. But through a few minor, but pivotal adjustments and a dash of aesthetic upgrades, the Home Blown crew has managed to breathe a sticky sweet cloud of new life into an aging smoke shop staple.

By eliminating the rubber grommet, plastic sleeve, etc., and replacing them with a steel clip made in Wisconsin, they were able to dramatically improve function and efficiency. To seal the chamber, they added a small rubber O-ring that fits perfectly between the two components and allows easy adjustment, so you can push out the ash for a fresh hit every time.

Once you backload your loosely packed herbs into the chamber, there’s no shortage of options. You can push the material to the very front and light up for a continuous smoke. Or, push it three-quarters of the way and light internally for a quick, self-extinguishing hit. You can even heat the underside of the chamber for a small, but savory draw of vapor. For more ideas, check out Home Blown’s Youtube channel and be sure to make a special note of the awesome layer-caking potential.
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Canna Aid

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