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Canna Aid

The Smokeey Ring

As the cliché goes, necessity is the mother of invention. Sometimes that necessity creates something world-changing, like movable type, the automobile, or that iPhone app that rates your sexual performance. Other times, it’s a bit simpler than that, like the need to not lose another round of Call of Duty online to that homeschooler because you were reaching for your pre-roll while he was lining up his kill shot.

Admittedly, we’re not certain that this is what drove the geniuses at to concoct the Smokeey Ring. But we are certain that what started as a homemade jerry-rig to keep their doobs accessible became a viral sensation when they posted the invention online. It reached 10 million pairs of red, itchy eyeballs within three days, leading the young ganjapreneurs to team up with to mold their simple solution into something marketable to the mind-altered masses. Simply put, the Smokeey Ring is a clip that keeps the grown-up gamers’ late-night focus-fuel exactly where it needs to be (attached to his finger). It’s available in ten colors and comes in a retail-ready counter display. Necessity may have been the mother of this invention, but the good herb was definitely her one-night stand.

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