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Canna Aid

The Summit by Quiver Fabrications

 Is there anything more satisfying than a bong rip under the stars? Unfortunately, if you’re doing anything more than ‘glamping,’ hauling a glass beaker all the way out to the space you’ve chosen for communing with nature can be more than a little precarious. They call it “roughing it” for a reason. Well, leave it to a couple of Alaskan boys to come up with a solution.  

What is that solution? It’s the The Summit from Quiver Fabrications, the very first water pipe made completely of titanium. Aside from consisting of one of the toughest, most durable materials known to man, The Summit features a fixed downstem with offset drilled holes for simple filtration, a perfectly smooth interior to avoid stale smoke, and a grade 1 titanium bowl with silicone fittings for a clean flavor and a cool touch.  Dabbing options are also available. Check the website for their full line of titanium accessories.




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