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This is Not a Puff Piece; It’s a Piece About Puff Brands

Puff, Puff . . . Brands

Groundbreaking technology. Iconic flavors. An 11-Year Legacy.. Puff brands is poised to reshape the future of inhalation retail.

You probably have some Puff Brands products on your shelves, and rightfully so. This company single handedly checks item after item off an inventory list. Tasty vapes? Yes. Your daily driver made out of American glass? Check. Smoke supplies? You got it. With a flair for innovation and quality, Puff Brands has carved out a niche for itself by offering a diverse and growing range of products designed to hit the sweet spot between luxury and price.

“We are always in the improvement mindset,” said Joe DeStefano, Puff Brands’ Chief Commercial Officer. “Always improving, but always with TLC and love in the product.”

The folks at Puff Brands are striving to go beyond just another name in the industry, and by all accounts, their efforts are finding success. They are the maestros behind some of the most exciting and user-friendly wholesale smoke shop products available. As one of the first to hit the e-Liquid market back in 2013, Puff Brands quickly distinguished themselves in the market with their unique flavor profiles. Their early success was anchored by the launch of the brand’s iconic “Circus Cookie,” a flavor that combined the nostalgic taste of animal crackers with vanilla frosting and rainbow. This groundbreaking product set the tone for the company’s innovative approach, paving the way for its future endeavors.

More than a decade later, the team at Puff Brands is churning out 413 percent growth year over year, due in large part to providing smoke accessories and alternatives that cater to an array of tastes and preferences without feeling hokey or cheap.


Puff Brands - the future of vaping

“Every month is record breaking in regards to sales,” DeStefano continued. “What started a decade ago as an attempt to provide an e-Liquid that was a little more unique, not so run of the mill, has now become a staple in most vape shops, smoke shops and e-Liquid product portfolios and has helped to catapult us into the stratosphere of ancillary cannabis products.”

The company’s relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in product design and quality can be seen in each product, from the intricate glass designs to the meticulously formulated e-Liquids. It is a testament to the company’s dedication to crafting unique experiences. The ethos of Puff Brands revolves around delivering premium experiences at prices accessible to a wide range of consumers, a philosophy particularly relevant in the current economic climate.

In 2018, under the leadership of the company’s new CEO, Walker Wilkerson, an experienced figure in the vape industry, Puff Brands expanded its horizon. Recognizing the shift in market trends and the potential of the disposable vape market, which gained traction post “JUUL Rush” of 2017, the company adapted its strategy to meet these new demands.

Puff Brands was able to strategically diversify to not only survive but thrive. Today, there are a total of seven different brands under the larger Puff Brands umbrella: Hotbox, Hotbox Luxe, Hotbox Limited, Primo, Ritual, Strange Fruit, and PuffLabs E-Liquids, each with their own array of products, and each one staying true to the trifecta of innovation, customer love, and top-notch quality.

The company’s Hotbox vape is a prime example of recognizing changes and patterns in the consumer zeitgeist and responding. This 7500 puff vape is pre-filled, pre-charged/rechargeable and ready to deliver a hassle-free vaping experience right out of the box with a lanyard and charging cable included. The Hotbox line offers a range of flavors including Gummy, Ice Cream Cake and Strawberry Rainbow Snowcone, so whether you’re a vaping veteran or just curious about the hype, it’s pretty effortless to get lost in a cloud of delicious vapor.








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Puff Brands is going beyond mere adaptation to the changes in the smoke shop industry, aspiring instead to be a driving force in shaping its future. They believe in spreading the word, as much as the smoke (or vapor.). Education is prioritized over sales, which ensures happy, informed customers, enhances brand loyalty, and positions the company as a thought leader in the industry.

And the future looks lux. Puff Brands recently launched the HotBox Luxe, a first of its kind high-end vaporizer equipped with a massive 12,000-puff capacity pre-filled tank, full LCD screen, and price that won’t break the bank. In fact, there is no increase in price from the Hotbox to the Hotbox Luxe. “It’s not just a vaporizer, it’s the vape of your dreams,” DeStefano gushed, the excitement in his voice palpable through the phone line. “After more than a year of research and development, its arrival will undoubtedly provide luxury to those who crave a little lavishness in their vape and signifies the ongoing evolution and innovation of Puff Brands.”

Puff Brands’ journey from a pioneering e-juice manufacturer to a leader in the vape and cannabis markets is a story of innovation, strategic adaptation, and a steadfast commitment to quality. As the industry continues to evolve, Puff Brands is well-positioned to continue setting new standards, offering premium experiences that respect the time and investment of every customer.

The future is bright. The company’s impressive trajectory from e-Liquid pioneers to a multifaceted powerhouse encapsulates a deep understanding of market needs and consumer desires. With each product launch and brand expansion, the entrepreneurs behind Puff Brands double down on their reputation as market leaders, setting the bar high for quality and ingenuity while maintaining an approachable appeal for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

By Ryan Mills


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