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Timberado Peace Pipe

Little-known fact: The tobacco of today bears very little resemblance to what the Native Americans used in their peace pipe ceremonies. In fact, before the pigmentally challenged inhabitants of Europe fell upon the Americas and domesticated the plant, much of the tobacco used in traditional native ceremonies possessed hallucinogenic qualities, perhaps the underlying reason these substances were associated with peace in the first place. We’ll probably never regain those strains, now centuries gone. Thanks, Whitey. But thanks to Timberado, we still have the pipes.

The Timberado Peace Pipe is a handcrafted work of art, inspired by the Native American tradition and improved upon with a removable glass lining that eliminates the risks of smoking through wood and makes cleaning a breeze. The pipes are made from the most beautiful varieties of wood, stones and gems from around the world, combined with hand-cast pewter, gold and silver. With the natural, ‘perfectly imperfect’ state of the wood, stone and gems, along with the infinite variety of combinations, no two Peace Pipes from Timberado are alike. And with the uniquely long stem as established by Native tradition, you can expect a smooth, satisfactory hit every time. Accessories and upgrades are available.
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