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Canna Aid

Tobacco Master

Before the vaporizer, before the dab rig, before the bubbler . . . hell . . . even before ol’ Bob stumbled onto color-changing glass, there was the TokeMaster.

Conceived in the Summer of Love (that’s 1967, dear millennials), the TokeMaster isn’t just another acrylic water pipe; it’s a piece of history. It’s the original acrylic water pipe by which all others should be judged and subsequently cast aside. Disagree? Name another that endured being run over by a State Trooper’s vehicle repeatedly before the kindly officer gave up and chucked it in the woods. You can’t. Any other iteration of the category would have given up the ghost without a fight on the first attempt. At Uncle Sam’s insistence, the name has since changed to TobaccoMaster, but every unit is still made from the same proprietary mold of heavy duty, hand-spun acrylic and every inch of it, all the way down to the brass hardware, is made right here in the USA.

It’s a vestige of nostalgia. It’s a makeshift self-defense method. It’s the potential solution for frustrated college kids with clumsy suitemates. It’s the TobaccoMaster, FKA the TokeMaster, and it’s still the king of acrylics, now 50 years and counting.
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