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Tommy Chong Smoke Swipes

Reviver has just released a smoke odor solution that’s apparently so effective, it’s scored an endorsement from Tommy Chong himself. And since everyone knows that the Chong name is the best way to maximize potential revenue in the 420-friendly market, let’s see if we can tackle this while squeezing out a little extra for ourselves.

Tommy Chong knows better than anyone that just because you like to smoke doesn’t mean that you want to walk into a meeting smelling like Willie Nelson’s tour bus. But Tommy Chong also knows that the traditional olfactory trifecta of breath mints, cologne and body spray is hardly an effective remedy for a grown-up like you. Tommy Chong doesn’t want you to smell like a fraternity pledge on his way to a Dave Matthews concert anymore than you do. That’s why Tommy Chong has put his name on Smoke Swipes, the new dry paper wipes purported to instantly rid both hair and clothes of smoky smells, whether from cigars, cigarettes or cannabis. Tommy Chong is excited to offer the Smoke Swipe in a variety of affordably priced quantities and is even more excited that each swipe is good for 10 or more sessions. Tommy Chong would probably tell you that if you put these bad boys next to the register, they’d sell out faster than you could say, “Tommy Chong.”

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