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Top 30 Contenders: 2018

Empire Glass Honeypot Handpipe

Empire Glass Honeypot Handpipe: They started out making glass figurines for Disney and Hallmark. In 2013, they turned their attention to handmade glass smoking accessories. Thank the boro gods they did. In the world of American glass, the price/value ratio doesn’t get much better than that reflected in the creations offered by Empire Glass, who have very adeptly employed their time-tested streamlined production model to push the ceiling on quality while keeping the lid on cost.

The Road Runner by Home Blown Glass

The Roadrunner: From those crazy hippies at Home Blown Glass comes the Roadrunner, a handmade glass nectar straw that is as stylishly simple as it is functional. Like with any nectar straw, simply warm to prevent thermal shock, heat to color change, and slurp away. Unlike any nectar straw, however, the Roadrunner boasts the signature sculpture styling that has made Home Blown famous, as well as a donut diffuser that ensures silky-smooth hits every time.
IG: homeblownglassaz


LighterBro: Bring a bro to the party that won’t annoy your friends with ironic acoustic hip hop covers. Bring the LighterBro, the accessory that turns any standard lighter into a Swiss Army Knife for tokers. The 420-alloy stainless steel body slides right over any standard Bic and comes equipped with a blunt-splitting razor knife, a pair of trimming scissors, a poker/dabber, and a bottle opener so you can use your ‘Bro to open a brew.

MIT 45

MIT 45: There are very few kratom extracts on the market that have ever managed to emerge with the hellfire fury that MIT conjured upon its release. Described by one shop owner as “rocket fuel,” MIT hit the industry at full throttle, with many stores reporting sales of up to 120 units in its first week on their shelves. If kratom is a hot seller in your town, this 45% mitragynine tincture might just burn it down (figuratively.)


Shhmokewear Survival Wrist Hookah Pro

Shhmokewear Wrist Hookah: Got a friend who’s equal parts Bear Grylls and Willie Nelson on your Christmas list? Return that gift card and pick up the Survival Wrist Hookah Pro from Shhmokewear. The original purveyors of the hand-woven hemp bracelet pipe have expanded their arsenal with an incredibly useful survival unit that includes a compass, 8-10 feet of paracord, a whistle, a flint and scraper combo, and of course, a fully functional smoking device that enables a low-profile toke session in any situation.
IG: @shhmokewear_industries

Omni-Q Mega Quartz Banger

Omni-Q Mega Quartz Banger: In 2018, nails pair with hammers; bangers, with rigs—and the discerning toker will pay top dollar for quality. Take the Omni-Q Mega banger from Santa Cruz Shredders, whose $200 price tag barely draws a blink from consumers. Comprised of 99.99% pure Quartz, the American-made Omni-Q Mega features a 26mm main dish with a 15mm inside dish, 2mm thick sidewalls, 3mm thick bottom pad, a polished joint, and a beveled top lip for the perfect seal.
IG: @santacruzshredder

The Genius Taster V.2

The Genius Taster V2: What’s better than a cough-free smoking experience? How about a cough-free dabbing experience? Did we mention it fits in your pocket? We’re talking about the Genius Taster V.2, the new and improved dab nail specially made to lock into the Evolution slider of the now-classic Genius Pipe. Each unit is machined from solid Titanium II material, hand-polished, cleaned with medical ultrasound equipment and individually numbered. The Genius Taster V.2; it’s the Genius way to dab.
IG @genius_pipe

The Magic Flight

The Magic Flight: Every day, there’s a new handheld herbal vaping device guaranteed to be pinnacle of high-tech innovation. Yet, somehow, a wooden box powered only by an AA battery has managed to outlive almost all of them. What exactly is the Magic behind the Magic Flight? Is it the simple design, the rustic aesthetic, the made-in-USA label, the lifetime warranty, the smorgasbord of upgrades, the super-reasonable price tag, or the Earth-friendly ethos of the manufacturer? Yes.


The Hydrology9 by Cloudius9

The Hydrology 9: Vapor and water filtration. It’s a match made in heaven, like peanut butter and jelly or Harry and Sally. It’s also the Hydrology9’s primary appeal—but that’s only the beginning. The space craft aluminum/borosilicate hybrid suffers no shortage of bells or whistles. Precision temperature control, LED light-indication and a patent-pending even heat distribution system are but a few of the unit’s more-than impressive offerings, yet somehow the unit still rings in under the competition at only $250.

First, there were automatically flushing urinals. Then there were self-driving cars. Now, there’s the OTTO™, the new gadget from Banana Bros dubbed as “the world’s first automatic smart rolling machine.” It’s an all-in-one tool that uses patented “smart grinding” technology to perfectly grind your favorite herbs and automatically fill up to 30 cones on one charge. So easy to use, it’s virtually idiot-proof, the OTTO™ is the best indicator of human obsolescence since self-checkout kiosks.

Kung Fu Vapes Pocket Rig 3.0

The Pocket Rig 3.0 from Kung Fu Vapes is a 35w nano box designed with medicated cartridges in mind, disposable or reusable. The box is equipped to not only power the atomizer, but also to heat the cartridge externally, thereby ‘unlocking’ it to optimize every draw. Speaking of draws, the one on this unit clocks in at 15 seconds, while the battery is said to last up to two weeks on one charge. Hot. Damn.

Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak is yet another massive leap forward in smart dabbing technology. The hybrid of hand-blown glass and cutting-edge electronics is a marvel of stoner innovation with intelligent temperature calibration, four unique user settings, a 20-second heating time, ‘sesh mode’ functionality, and an LED light band indicator. Best of all, though is the haptic feedback feature which keeps you locked into the device’s performance almost intuitively for continually delicious hits. Taste. Every. Terpene.
Twitter: @ChoosePuffco
IG: @puffco


TobaccoMaster: Born in the Summer of Love (1967), born again in the summer of 2018. No, the TobaccoMaster didn’t find Jesus; the company just experienced an explosive resurgence in popularity this past summer—and with good reason. After 51 years and counting, every unit is still made from the same proprietary mold of heavy duty, hand-spun acrylic and every inch of it, all the way down to the brass hardware, is made right here in the USA.

Arizer Solo II

Arizer Solo II: Adjustable auto shut-off feature to save power. Adjustable power-on delay to avoid accidental pocket activation. LED screen with adjustable brightness. Three-hour battery life per charge. Glass chamber. Precision temperature control, down to the degree, Celsius or Fahrenheit. Insanely satisfying hits with a gapingly wide flavor spectrum. Five-foot charging cable. Luxury. Luxury. Luxury. Practically every major reviewer is hailing Arizer’s Solo II as one of the top portable vaporizers of the year. We’re not surprised.
IG: @arizertech

Timberado Peace Pipes

The Timberado Peace Pipe is a handcrafted tribute to the simpler times of bygone centuries when the human inhabitants of the continent lived in equilibrium with nature and the tobacco they smoked help them tune in rather than tune out. Each pipe is made from the most beautiful varieties of wood, stones and gems from around the world, combined with hand-cast pewter, gold and silver, with the added perk of a removable glass lining for easy cleaning.

(970) 319-9700
IG: @Timberado

Dr. Dabber SWITCH

The SWITCH by Dr. Dabber is the first unit on the market to utilize heat induction technology for a smooth, consistent draw. As its name suggests, the unit can be used for either flower or concentrate. Each of the two functions has an impressively wide range, with 25 precision-dialed temperature levels a piece. Other features include self-cleaning, pass-through power, and up to 150 tokes per charge. It pays to get that degree. Take that, Mr. Pibb.

Eyce Silicone Cleaner

Eyce’s new Silicon Cleaner is a plant-based, nontoxic solution designed specifically for removing the sticky icky from your silicone pipe without any alcohol. There are no dyes, fragrances or paragons; just a strategic concoction of plant-derived essential oils that will lift and absorb the stubbornest of residue without ruining your silicone. No silicone? No problem. Eyce Silicon Cleaner works on glass, wood, or any other material that’s used to burn and inhale the good herb.

1-800-980-EYCE (3923)
IG: @eycemolds

Amber Rose KandyPens

Amber Rose KandyPens: Model, actress and recording artist, Amber Rose has combined her star power with the magic of KandyPens to launch a line of herbal concentrate vapes that is equal parts glamor and functionality. Each elegantly designed unit comes standard with three premium chambers and is equipped with a Kandypens logo button that switches the pen on and off, toggles between four temperature settings and engages “Sesh Mode,” for 10 seconds of continuous vaping.


MZ12X is an organic, non-toxic, virtually non-combustible di-methyl ether solvent that, when used properly, produces full spectrum extractions that taste and smell almost as sumptuous as the original flower. It has an evaporation rate of 100%, boasts 2.5x the efficiency of butane and best of all, it’s free of residues and heavy metals. Memorize and repeat: Butane is for refilling lighters. MZ12X is for herbal extraction. Ditch that butane can and taste the spectrum!

The Bottle Bong

Question: What’s super-affordable, makes use of discarded plastic and provides water-filtered smoke in a pinch? Answer: The Bottle Bong! Simply screw this bad boy onto any standard sized water bottle and you have an instant, um . . . waterpipe. The Bottle Bong consists of a plastic mouthpiece/connector that’s threaded to fit any standard plastic bottle and a glass slide/downstem combo that drops handily into the bottle for a perfect seal. Five colors available.

IG: @bottlebonghits

The Hydra by Cali Crusher

Hydra by Cali Crusher: It’s a bubbler. It’s a spoon. It’s a one-hitter. It’s the frikin Robocop of smoking devices—if Robocop was also a Transformer. The new Hydra from Cali Crusher is a glass bubbler reinforced with an aircraft aluminum/polycarbonate exoskeleton that makes it virtually unbreakable. It’s also modular—meaning it can be broken down into components—utilizing patented quick-lock technology to transform into a spoon, or even a one-hitter with just a few twists and clicks.

Phone: 5129096209
IG: Calicrushergrinders
Twitter: CaliCrusher

Higher Standards Premium Glass Filter Tips

Glass filter tips have been around for a hot minute, but seldom if ever have they been so well designed or so highly marketable. From the flanged grip, to the three-point pinch system that mellows the smoke, every aspect of these medical grade borosilicate tips was deliberately conceived and executed for a smooth, refined smoking experience. American made, easy to clean, and tastefully branded, these bad boys should be an easy upsell at any register.

MONQ Therapeutic Air

Let’s make one thing clear: the MONQ Therapeutic Air diffusers are not e-cigs. They’re aromatherapy delivery systems that merge new technology with ancient wisdom to bring the healing power of plant essential oils to a new millennium. To use, simply put the open end to your lips and pull using the same technique you would with a straw. When your mouth is full of vapor, exhale through your nose. Give your lungs a break.

Swine Army Original Hemp Multi-tool

The Swine Army Multi-tool is an environmentally conscious, hand-made smoker’s wallet that’s stocked with all the essentials necessary to light up wherever you are, whenever you want. Every unit includes a refillable Clipper lighter, a 12mm borosilicate one-hitter, a pack of Pure Hemp papers, a poker, three feet of Bee Line hemp wick, and an attached VSyndicate grinder card with a “pincher” for hand rolled smokes. Free the pig. Free the smoke. Free your mind.


Mystic Timbers

The wares offered by Mystic Timbers are more than just another line of smoking accessories; they’re heirlooms, ones that are saturated with the love of an artisan and pulsating with the vibrance of the forest. Whether dab tool or smoking wand, every unit that bears the Mystic Timber name is handcrafted from the finest selections of chemical free, tropical hardwood, polished off with a clear wax finish and ergonomically designed to rest comfortably in your hand.



There are endless reasons and explanations for why the JUUL has come to dominate the e-cig market with such devastating authority. The most important, though, is that its developers understood what no one else could: smokers looking to quit don’t want to be bothered with ohms, watts or circuitry. They want satisfaction combined with the simplicity of tearing open the cellophane and lighting up a stray. Mod boxes are for hobbyists. The JUUL is for quitters.

Extreme Q by Arizer

Extreme Q by Arizer: Yes, your portable vaporizer is amazing—for a portable vaporizer. But until the next stage of battery evolution, that pocket rocket of yours still won’t match the juice you can pull from a wall. That’s ok. Arizer’s Extreme Q is here. With a digital display, the widest precision temperature control range on the market, a remote control, and a choice between bag or whip, the Extreme Q has made the classic desktop vaporizer relevant again.
IG: @arizertech

Mighty Vaporizer

Mighty Vaporizer: What happens when the makers of the Volcano set their sites on the portable market? Well, according to Vaporizers Direct, you get the best portable design of the year. The Mighty lives up to its name as a mighty fine unit, with a patented hybrid conduction/convection system that generates thick, delicious plumes of vapor, a two-hour continuous use battery life, pass-through charging, a digital display, and a grated body that effectively cools down the unit.


Flat-out honesty: the Ziip is here because the JUUL is here. Thanks to the JUUL, Pod systems are now all the rage with more popping up every day. The Ziip’s appeal is simple. Its pods are completely interchangeable with those of the JUUL, meaning when the behemoth of a vape company runs out or fails to get you stocked, the Ziip’s line can pull you out of the hotseat with your customers.
1 844- Ziip-Lab

Hydra Typhon Charging Case

If you carry the JUUL, the Hydra Typhon Charging Case is a must. Hell, even if you don’t carry the JUUL, it could be a great way to cash in. The Hydra Typhon Charging case is a carrying case and battery pack in one, offering triple the power of the JUUL battery, a charging port with a standard USB connection and flawless magnetic repulsion/retraction mechanism that makes opening and closing an act of frictionless ease.
IG: @hydravaportech
Twitter: @hydravaportech

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