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Top 30 Products of 2017

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Pulsar APX
What’s that in my pocket, you ask? Well, I’ll give you a hint: it’s only 3.5″ but you’re gonna beg me to let you wrap your lips around it. It’s Pulsar’s APX Wax, a mini powerhouse of combustion-free quartz technology for the 710ers who understand that big taste can come in small packages. Though short on body, it’s long on the draw and even longer on battery life—and it’s available in seven styles.
Yocan Evolve Plus
This pen may not burn any herb, but with a $50 MSRP it’ll sure as hell burn up it’s spot on the shelf. A silicone-lined storage container in the base lets you take your wax with you while the 1100mah battery means you can leave the provided charger at home, which is exactly where the greenest of novices will feel with its five-click familiarity. Kit includes extra dual quartz atomizer and dab tool.
Prohibited 5th Degree
Why burden yourself with tough choices? With the Prohibited 5th Degree’s interchangeable components for wax and dry herb, you can have your bake and dab it too. Magnetic connections make swapping between the dual quartz wax chamber and stainless-steel flower cartridge a snap of threadless ease while the single button can whisk you through multiple temperatures to dial in closer to that perfect flavor. Wax or dry herb? Yes.
VaporTech Dabster
It’s a wax pen that includes a 650mah batter, two heating chambers, a storage jar, a charger and a dabbing tool for a retail price of only 30 bucks. If the deal was any better, VaporTech would be paying you for it.
The Bentley of vaporizers now offers a hybrid model, and just like a Bentley, one test drive is all you need to understand why discriminating customers will pay top dollar to own one. The Pax 3 boasts all the sublime quality that put its namesake at the top and takes the magic a step further with a wax chamber and a BlueTooth app for maximum precision temperature control and more.
Atmos Jump
(855) 633-3244 Fight the power. Join the proletariat revolution and embrace the Atmos JUMP, an efficient, effective dry herb vape streamlined for the everyman, both in price and simplicity. One button, one temperature and one impressive cloud of mouth-watering, medical mist powered by a whopping 1200mah rechargeable battery and practically priced to accommodate the factory workers who made it. Solidarity, dear comrades.
Davinci IQ
If Pax is the Bentley of vaporizers, the Davinci is at least a Lexus. But with the IQ, they’re giving Pax a serious run for their money—and they’re ringing every bell and blowing every whistle to do it. A 51-light grid display, precision temp control and boost mode are all topped off by their Smart Path Technology that auto-adjusts temperature to maximize every session. Oh, and the battery? It’s a beast. And it’s replaceable.
Gpen Pro
If the G Pen Pro’s price/value quotient isn’t a hands down gold medalist in the current marketplace, it’s at least in the top three. A removable silicone mouthpiece cover, three optimal temperature pre-sets, a thirty second heat time, and enough cloud producing capacity to house an entire family of harp-playing angels for only a Benjamin? Yes, please.
The APX Pulsar Dry packs in as much fun as a pack of Bubblicious with almost as many color options. If the true convection ceramic chamber, 40 second heat time, 1600mah battery and five graduated heat levels aren’t enough to move units at only 60 bucks a pop, the near-endless selection of prefabbed personality statements should easily seal the deal.
Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser
Let’s not pretend that this is the first home infusion model to come to market, but let’s at least entertain the notion that this might be the best version yet. The Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser tweaks the performance and functionality of the now-classic butter maker concept while dropping the price by almost 30%, making it a formidable contender as the new standard for turning cuisine into cures.
The Source Turbo or www.extractcraft.comLove extracts but can’t afford a Rosin Press? Before you start duck-taping butane cans to extraction tubes, consider the Source . . . Turbo. It’s a counter top appliance that perfects the quick wash extraction method and allows you to reclaim up to 95% of the ethanol used. The improved processing time, added Turbo Mode, altitude-specific tuning and Bluetooth-enabled smartphone control app make the Source Turbo the best way to improve concentration since Adderall.
Dab Ninja
Why call it the Dab Ninja? Well, it doesn’t carry a sword, but it does offer razor precision temperature control for dialing into choice terpene profiles. And walking hot coals? This little wax warrior has a temperature range that goes all the way up to 990 degrees and can reach dabbing temps in only 30 seconds. Not to mention, it can hold temperature for hours. Speed, precision, agility, endurance, heat tolerance; yup, it’s a ninja.
Hyer Enail
1 855 438 4937
The Hyer Big E isn’t just another e-nail; it’s a battery powered cyborg conversion kit for your rig, a storage space, and a charging port for your electronics, all in one. The adjustable base means it fits almost any rig while the 90-second heating time means you don’t have to wait. Oh, technology. Sure, we could have colonized Mars, but aren’t you glad we have the Big E?
No matter our political bent, we’re all ‘Mericans. And nothing says, “’Merica!” like the Dugout Dynasty line, the all-American made aluminum dugouts that boast an eloquent design and superior functionality with their locking top and built-in ashtray. Trump? Clinton? Aleppo guy? Doesn’t matter. As long as you’re ‘Merican, Dugout Dynasty has something for you with four sizes available in either nickel chrome or black hard coat. ‘Merica!
Nail Crown Flower Edition
Alien claw? Chess piece from Teletubbyland? Nay. It’s the “Swiss Army Knife of the industry,” a toolkit for the serious smoker comprehensive enough to make a stoner Bob Vila proud. This silicone tower of smoker essentials includes everything you need from poker to grinder and everything between. You wouldn’t show up on the jobsite without your toolbelt, so why would you show up to a smoke session without the Nail Crown Flower Edition?
Pen Simple
Stop smoking cat hair. Wait, what? Who smokes cat hair? Anyone who’s knocked their grinder off the coffee table, that’s who. The makers of PenSimple feel your pain, which is why they developed this herb-mincing, self-dispensing wonder in the first place. Heartily constructed from aircraft aluminum, the PenSimple is a manual grinder, portable storage container and battery-powered herb dispenser all in one. Load, twist, dispense. It’s that simple. It’s PenSimple.
Pulsar Silicone Nectar Collector
Silicone is all the rage these days and Pulsar says, “Rage on” with the RIP Silicone Vapor Vessel, a product that’s almost as hot as its titanium tip after a dab sesh. The platinum-cured silicone body breaks down into three pieces for handy cleanup and the grade 2 titanium tip means you can torch-n-slurp to your heart’s content. Available in six kickass colors.
Lifted Innovations: Build-A-Pipe
Smoking is a grownup pastime, yes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t let our inner child join in the fun, especially if he’s an “indoor” kid. Lifted Innovations empowers us to do just that with Build-a-Pipe, a system of modular, 3D-printed water pipe components that can be pieced together in almost any configuration. Let your customers’ imaginations run wild with Build-a-Pipe and encourage repeat purchases by staying stocked on all the accessories.
Smokeey Ring
41791934930Don’t let your customers lose another round of Call of Duty online just because some homeschooler was lining up his kill shot while they were reaching for their pre-roll. Sell them the Smokeey Ring, the clip that keeps the grown-up gamers’ late-night focus-fuel exactly where it needs to be (attached to his finger). It’s available in ten colors and comes in a retail-ready counter display for the win.
(888) 998-5822
Pürr2Go is a polycarbonate version of the classic hammer bubbler that’s collapsible, highly portable and virtually unbreakable. Each unit comes complete with a full pipe assembly, glass bowl and downstem, dab nail and a fabric carrying case for safe and easy transport. All of this, combined with professionally branded packaging and a solid price point, make the Pürr2Go a solid buy for any store where value is king and function is in fashion.
710 Store Dab Toys
Remember Sid from Toy Story? Well, he grew up, got off the prescription meds, and started dabbing. Now he’s using those amazing “surgical” skills to keep stocked with some of the hottest e-nails this side of Andy’s house. Each doll stands 18” tall, is hand built in Nevada to a higher standard than most home appliances, and tuned to be accurate within one degree to take you to infinity and beyond.
Huni Badger
No torch? Huni Badger doesn’t give a shit! Just turn it on, wait 15 seconds and go at that nectar like you’re sipping a Slurpee on a hot summer day. The Huni Badger was designed with flavor in mind, which is why the HuniTip is fully encased in aerospace ceramic for maximum purity. It’s powered by rechargeable/replaceable 18650 Li-ion batteries and comes in a heavy-duty, waterproof case for convenient transport.
Tommy Chong Smoke Swipes
1 (800) 240-4990No matter how much you like to smoke, no one likes to show up to a meeting, family function, church service, et al. smelling like the VIP room at a Snoop concert. Tommy Chong has your solution with Tommy Chong’s Smoke Swipes, the miraculous reusable wipes that eliminate cannabis, cigarette and cigar smoke instantly. 2 to 24-quantity packs available. Not to be used internally (that’s what breath mints are for.)
Sticky Brick Labs
Don’t throw your torch out just yet. It’s what you’ll need instead of a battery for the Sticky Brick Vaporizer series. The Sticky Brick draws heat through the herb chamber of its magnetically locked components to give the user a true convection vaporization experience with nary an outlet to be found. Choose from the Sticky Brick Original, Sticky Brick Junior, or add some bubbles with the Hydro Brick.
When the regrets of one-too-many rips creep in, reach for an Undoo and rewind your mind to unhaze the blaze. Undoo is an all-natural, cannabis-free gel capsule that is purported to dramatically reduce the effects of overconsumption without mitigating the associated therapeutic benefits. Basically, it’s a time machine for those who lack self control in an easy-to-swallow capsule. A time capsule, if you will.
H3MP Shots
860 IM4H3MP
You know what you’re doing at 4:20, but what about 4:19? For a ‘lifted’ experience, try a H3MP shot, the new twist on Couchlock’s classic recipe with the added bonus of the superfood its namesake implies. In addition to the hemp, there are still terpenes for enhancement and kanna to lower your tolerance. Lower tolerance means higher performance, higher performance means less waste, and less waste means more money for more H3MP shots. Score!
Did you think NoGoo wasn’t going to jump in on the silicone pipe craze and show us how it’s done? Whether you’re lighting up at 4:20 or 7:10, Nogoo has a shatter-free piece for you that cleans up easily with saltwater and alcohol, each equipped with the appropriate glass fittings and imprinted with the Nogoo logo that discerning customers already know and love. Available in six colors.
Blown Glass Limited Edition
505 244 7273
For the collectors and connoisseurs of the funkier side of art, Blown Glass is offering its Limited Edition Artist Series, an exclusive line of classic 18” beaker tubes enhanced with original, urban-inspired artwork. Five designs have been created, with only 250 available of each on a first come, first serve basis, so these units won’t be available for long. Each quality tube is numbered for authenticity.
Cali Crusher
Now that the Cali Crusher has all but crushed the grinder competition, the masterminds behind its creation are setting their sites on the glass world. The new line includes a chillum, handpipe, steamroller, bubbler, and dab rig, all blown on hefty 25x4mm borosilicate, available in six colors, and stamped with the trusted Cali Crusher name. Best of all, they’re affordable, with the price point maxing out at a mere $75.
Summer of Love Series 90mm Vibrator For picking up those ‘Good Vibrations,’ pick up a Summer of Love Series vibrator from Eldorado, a 100% waterproof, 90mm bullet of bliss with 3 speeds, 7 settings, and three designs perfect for elevating the experience of enhancing your pleasure. Pop in the AAA battery and go to town, whether in the bath, the shower or a VW Bus under a starlit sky.

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