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Top Products of 2022

EZJ Legendary Stash Boxes By EZJ

For the true aficionado with discriminating tastes and a penchant for the handcrafted comes the Legendary Stash Box series from the maker of the now-famous EZJ rolling machine. Each unit is handcrafted from oak and pinion, upcycled untreated pallets and exotic hardwoods such as teak mahogany and perlotta, intricately engraved and lovingly finished for an end product that’s as much a work of art as it is an item of function. Custom designs are also available.

Marley Natural Riggler By Marley Natural

Always committed to the marriage of superior functionality and a smooth elegance worthy of the namesake, MARLEY NATURAL™ scores big once again with the Black Walnut Riggler, a hybrid rig made from glass and sustainably sourced walnut that’s equipped for both dry herb and concentrates. Boasting premium filtration for a smooth pull and removable parts for easy cleaning, the Black Walnut Riggler is worthy contender for the top slot on any toker’s Holiday wish list.

Sipper By Pulsar

Between the Loov and the Sipper, it feels like that summer that both Deep Impact and Armageddon came to theaters – but they both more than deserve a slot on the list. Like the Loov, the Sipper features a coil at the bottom that automatically fills the beaker with vapor for you to pull at your leisure. Unlike the Loov, the Sipper has a percolated water chamber, as well as attachments for both dabs and 510 carts. Hot. Damn.

Bob Ross DIY Gummy Kit By Boston America

As far as we know, there’s no definitive proof that Bob Ross was a toker (unless you count that fabulous crop of curls and beard combo – WHICH, WE DO) but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming a beloved icon of high-minded culture anyway. Hence why we’re including the Bob Ross DIY Gummy Kit in our Top 25. The kit includes a mold tray, gummy mixes, instruction booklet, and super-sour powder. You add the extra magic to make happy little gummies.

Carta 2 Smart Rig By FOCUSV

Whoever said the sequel is never as good as the original obviously never accounted for the Carta 2 from Focus V. Boasting a larger atomizer, a 360° heating element and optimized airflow, the Carta 2 gives the original a run for its money and then some. More features include an enhanced ergonomic design, wireless charging, ultra-fast heating time, a carrying case and positively stellar packaging, along with online reviews swearing that the flavors produced rival the PuffCo.

Eyce ORAFLEX Spoon Pipe By Eyece

Ever the innovators, our pals over at Eyce are taking their silicone game to heights yet unseen, once again. The ORAFLEX® spoon pipe features a patented double-layer silicone design with a clear outer layer and hand-painted inner-layer, perfectly mimicking the timeless “inside out” hand-blown glass for a new spin on a classic look. Available in 20 colors and four pattern variations, the ORAFLEX® has an ergonomic grip, a removable glass bowl, and a hidden poker.


HUF, the legendary skate and lifestyle brand founded by professional skateboarder, Kieth Hufnagel has unveiled its brand-new 420 collection, simply dubbed THC: The HUF Company. The brand, described as “imaginary weed-themed ‘streetwear,’” plays on a pleasant nostalgia for simpler times, back before the era of smartphones and Facebook, when the memory of Woodstock was yet unsullied by nu-metal angst and money-hungry promoters. If you ever owned a pair of Airwalk 1Ones and/or observed a curfew dictated by streetlights, The HUF Company might just be for you.

Blown Glassgoods Gift Set By Blown

The Holiday Season is nearly upon us. In mere weeks, the merrymaker will begin their descent upon your humble outlet in search of items to stuff in stockings and slide under trees. Be prepared; stock up now with the Gift Set from Blown Glassgood, the perfect assortment of essentials for the esteemed toker on anyone’s list. Each Gift Set comes with a mini-beaker equipped for both flower and concentrates, a chillum for low-profile tokes, a hefty glass handpipe, and a branded rolling tray.


High Country wallets By High Country

The folks at High Country Wallets have thrown out the old model of the bulky pocketbook in favor of sleek, handmade craftsmanship and minimalist functionality. Inlayed wood designs cover a simple, metal case that houses credit cards and blocks RFID scanners while a clip on the back holds the folding money. High Country Wallets are made in Idaho with a variety of themes in mind, including several 420-friendly designs sure to be a hit with the high-minded.

Hybrid Pipes By Hybrid Pipes

The aim was beauty, functionality and durability. The result was the Hybrid Pipe, an arguable bullseye on all three fronts. A stoneware ceramic head that features a multi-hole ceramic bowl that flows flawlessly to the brass-lined hardwood mouthpiece via ring magnets for an air-tight seal. Add the removable internal screen, the ease of cleaning and the exquisite craftsmanship and you reach a sum total of luxury that’s in reach of the masses.

Viva Mats By Viva Mats

Glass-on-glass is great for ground joints, but not so much for beakers and tabletops. Enter Viva Mats, a Kentucky-based family business that creates premium quality mats to help keep your prized glass rigs and rippers from cracking on a hard surface. The line is all handmade from Italian leather, cowhide suede, and an eclectic selection of fabrics from around the world and features a wide range of 420-inspired patterns, including psychedelic, mandala, tie-dye and much more.

Maze-X By Weedgets

For the true aficionado with discriminating tastes and a penchant for the handcrafted comes the Legendary Stash Box series from the maker of the now-famous EZJ rolling machine. Each unit is handcrafted from oak and pinion, upcycled untreated pallets and exotic hardwoods such as teak mahogany and perlotta, intricately engraved and lovingly finished for an end product that’s as much a work of art as it is an item of function. Custom designs are also available.

Lunar By Dip Devices

Ever since the release of the Dipper, the folks at Dip Devices have consistently remained a powerhouse of innovation, pushing the intersection of performance and affordability ever further. The Lunar is no exception. At an MSRP of $29.99, it’s priced to fit any budget, but that’s only half the fun. The Lunar employs patented airflow technology that circulates around your concentrate, maximizing surface area contact, thereby pulling out the freshest flavors with every hit. Happy wallet; happier mouth.

Puff Palz By Puff Palz

From the mind of the industry giant that previously brought us the Digger One-hitter and the NoGoo silicone line comes Puff Palz, a collection of chew toys for the K-9 companions of the heads, the high-minded and the chronnoisseurs. It’s Doobies for doggies and bongs for bowwows, and they’re all for tugging instead of toking, made from 100% all-natural hard rubber, non-toxic and dishwasher safe. An absolute must for any toker with a furry friend. Ruff, ruff, PASS!

VIBES Cone Filler By VIBES

From the same folks who brought you those slow-burning, French-cultivated rolling papers and the uber-stylish apparel comes the VIBES™ cone filler, a handy unit that makes packing a cone as easy as 1-2-3. (1) Insert the cone. (2) Stuff your sticky into the opening(s). (3) Open the VIBES roller. DONE. You’re now ready to light it up and burn it down. The VIBES™ cone filler is designed to fill up to three cones and comes with both single and double-sided end caps.

Sexpot By Sexpot

Get your mind and your body on the same page. Sexpot from Perfect Blends is a fusion of choice cannabis strains carefully blended to cool your nerves while heating up your intimate moments. A strategic selection of just the right terpenes, plus minor cannabinoids CBDA and CBDV, provides a deft counterbalance to the ever-potent THC to promote a dialed-in experience that simultaneously enhances sensation and helps you maintain control. Comes with a small-dose micropipe because quality trumps quantity.

Bruce on the Loose

It started as a multiyear passion for one man. It has now culminated into an enterprise based on sharing this gentleman’s creations with his fellow culinary adventurers seeking to transcend the heat boundary. It’s Bruce on the Loose, a brand of hot sauces that are absolute fire – both in temperature and deliciousness. We’re throwing it some love because it was created by none other than Bruce Reith, AKA, Canna Bruce, this industry’s official “guy behind the guy behind the guy.” Tremble and weep – and keep a cold beverage in reach at all times.

Swordfish By Lookah

Sometimes simple is just better. Not everyone needs every bell, whistle and gimmick with every purchase. Some people understand that it’s often better just to sink that energy into ensuring the basic functionalities do what they’re supposed to do. For those people, there’s the Swordfish from Lookah, an accessible and straightforward unit built for dabbing on the go. Features include 710 threading, three voltage settings, timed auto power-off, a built in dab tool, two atomizing cups, and USB-C charging.

Rollbotz Cone Filler By Wakit

Wakit already blew minds across the industry when they brought grinders into the 21st century with their motorized ball and chain system. Now, they’re taking it one step further with the RollBotz Cone filler, the all-in-one masterpiece that packs the perfect stray. The ball and chain rips your herb down to size, at which point it naturally falls through the filter straight into the cone loaded in the bottom. Don’t take away this ball and chain.

HighArtisan Stems by Highartisan

HighArtisan offers a litany of handcrafted stems, compatible mouthpieces and more that accentuate, upgrade and enhance any stock Dynvap or similar product for both aesthetic value and overall functionality. Every piece, whether glass, wood or both is lovingly made in the U.S.A. (with the exception of the O-rings) to take the inhalation experience to an entirely new level, offering better filtration and artistic customization to make your unit stand out from the crowd.


Got commitment issues? The Furna’s got you covered with its modular vaping system that allows you to swap between dry herb and concentrate with a simple pop and satisfying snap. Operation is all handled by two buttons, plus a display screen that flips to accommodate right and left-handed users and shows real-time heating adjustments, along with battery levels. Need more? You can always upgrade with extra modules (sold separately), including an attachment for 510 carts.

Polar Blast

For those who prefer their smoking experience “on the rocks,” comes the Polar Blast, cleverly concocted, merging an insulated, vacuum sealed tumbler, glass bowl, stainless steel downstem and a food-grade silicone nozzle to create a waterpipe that chills the smoke down to a frosty 29 degrees. The unit is available in a wide variety of colors and limited-edition graphics and can even be customized with a store logo. Get BLASTED!

LOOV by Randy’s

With the Loov from Randy’s, you can sip on your vapor like a fine scotch, but don’t go pouring one out for your homies. That’s a waste of choice ganja. The Loov’s elegant mid-century modern design pairs with innovative technology to create a vaping experience like no other where you allow your vessel to fill up and then tip it back for leisurely draws of your choice, whether swigs or gulps.

DigiTul by Stache

Stache Products, the little company that could, is once again popping out some big ideas. Pay attention; these guys have their innovation game on lock. The DigiTül, their newest release in an endless succession of standout products, is a combo dab tool and scale that accurately weighs your wax down to 1/100th of a gram so you always know exactly how much you’re consuming. Perfect for medical patients and microdosers, the DigiTül is the next phase in the dabbing evolution.

Hits Blunts by BG Sales

“I wonder if I could successfully market a product based on a meme.”
*Hits blunt*
“Yeah, pretty sure I could. Let’s try it.”
And here we are now, talking about exactly that: Hits Blunt Premium Natural Hemp Wraps, the product inspired by a meme that created a company that now churns out infinitely more hilarious stoner-themed memes on the daily. Hits Blunt wraps are made of all-natural hemp leaves, available in multiple flavors and extremely cleverly branded.

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