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TPE23: The Ultimate Destination for Independent Retailers

Tobacco Plus Expo is bigger and better. And while they’re still using the acronym TPE, those letters now stand for Total Product Expo.

For 2023, TPE, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, February 22-24, will see its show floor grow by 30 percent to 166,000 square feet. The annual exhibition has evolved to include not only tobacco, vape and alternative products, such as cigars, smokeless tobacco, glass and water pipes, and CBD, but also new categories including snacks, beverages, gifts, apparel, point-of-sale items and more!

“TPE is a one-stop-shop for all different types of retailers who are looking to stock their shelves with products that they can turn quickly and make a decent profit,” says Ellie Hansen, TPE, Trade Show Director. “We’re trying to offer up more of what you would see in your typical shops, and so we’ve had our team go out to different kinds of retail businesses all over the country and do some first-hand research into what kinds of products are most popular and selling the best.”

Being that TPE kicks off the first quarter of the year, Hansen says it’s a great place to begin the buying season with opportunities to meet face-to-face with more than 450 vendors.

“Exhibitors are rolling out their new products, and as retailers are just coming off the holiday rush, they might be low on products and looking to restock,” Hansen says. “TPE gives buyers the chance to source products, oftentimes, at discounted prices and exclusive show deals, and to discover the latest product innovations and industry trends.”

Attendees from the smoke shop and cannabis dispensary world will be glad to know that while THC products are not permitted inside the convention center, the team at TPE does its best to navigate around those waters. TPE is a smoking show, after all, and you can enjoy a premium cigar without any hassles. The majority of smoke shop products are represented and many, such as vapes and CBD, can be sampled right on the show floor whereas at some other industry shows those products have to be consumed off-site.

Even the most seasoned attendees can be overwhelmed by the vast array of choices at a trade show. As one of the biggest in the industry, TPE plans out the show floor with very precise aisles and clear signage so it’s easy to navigate, and not such a maze that you run the chance of missing vendors. A digital map that attendees can view on their mobile devices makes the experience even more manageable. Another addition to TPE23 is the introduction of a show liaison dedicated to giving attendees the white glove treatment.

“We really go out of our way to be helpful and provide our exhibitors and attendees with the tools they need to have a successful experience,” Hansen says.

One of the best parts of attending a trade show is the opportunity to connect with friends and do the whole networking thing to establish new contacts within the industry. TPE kicks off the show with an opening night shindig at the Sahara Hotel’s Azilo Ultra Lounge. It’s a free party with live music, an open bar and catering by Bazaar Meat and award-winning chef José Andrés who calls his unique menu a “celebration of the carnivorous.”

“TPE is where serious business gets fun,” Hansen says. “There’s a cool, energetic vibe and everyone has a great time.”

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