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Hitoki is a “Cannatech” brand that is introducing luxury and innovation to the smoking experience by utilizing lasers. Owned and operated by Asian-American entrepreneurs Joe and Jack Tran, Hitoki is committed to bringing high-end and sophisticated products to cannabis enthusiasts searching for new and inventive methods of smoking to their daily routine. The brand is led by the Trident, a patent-pending laser combustion smoking device that delivers the cleanest smoke, as well as preserving the true flavors of your flower or concentrate. The method of combustion in the Trident is similar to a magnifying glass under the sun. This eliminates the need to use butane from a lighter or the use of a hemp wick. Finally, this easy-to-use device includes water filtration, multiple power settings, safety interlocks, and 1 hour 45 min fast charging capable of 280+ uses on a single charge. All this forward-thinking technology makes the Trident a unique conversational item among friends and a must-have trophy piece for the cannabis connoisseur.

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