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Twist Bold

You can’t vape on the go without a battery. And you can’t do better than going with Vape Gear, which offers a range of 510 batteries that are compatible with most pre-filled oil vape pen carts, wax vape pen carts, and Delta-8/THC carts on the market. Vape Gear takes pride in quality and sleek design, which can be seen both in product and packaging of the Twist Bold. This modern-styled adjustable battery incorporates a pre-heat setting that makes it ready to use at the perfect temperature simply by twisting the pen with settings ranging from 2.6V – 4.0V. With the Twist Bold, you can be sure

that you are getting a quality 510-thread pen with maximum A-grade battery capacity that is built to last. Vape Gear batteries also come with a USB charger that has a smart feature with overcharge protection. 

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