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Two-4-One: The Solo II and ArGo by Arizer

It’s been previously suggested within the pages of this magazine that Pax is the Bentley of Vaporizers. If that’s the case, then Arizer is without a doubt, the Tesla. Now eleven years in existence, Arizer has consistently been at the forefront of combustion-free innovation for that entire stretch and has quietly enjoyed the bragging rights of being the first to bring a battery powered, portable vaporizer to market. Unlike their competition, however, the folks at Arizer have relied largely on word-of-mouth marketing, keeping the budget wide open for further research and development to ensure the continued supremacy of their offerings.

Did the strategy work? You’ll have to ask them about the numbers, but the resulting quality of their products is clear. Whether it’s a question of functionality, usability, durability or any other ‘ity’ associated with a proper product assessment, Arizer scores high, boasting cutting-edge luxury at every turn.

Today, we’re looking specifically at their two latest offerings: The Solo II and the ArGo. Both dry herb vaporizers feature an unprecedented level of customizability. To save on battery life, there’s an auto-shutoff feature that, depending on your preferences, can kick in anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes. To avoid an uncomfortable ‘pocket turn-on,’ there’s also a power delay that requires the user to hold two buttons for two to eight seconds, again, depending on individual preference. The LED screen has three brightness levels, as does the volume of the ‘beep’ that indicates when the unit is turned on, ready to use, or shutting down, and the temperature can be dialed in to the degree, Fahrenheit or Celsius. No detail is overlooked on any aspect of either unit, going all the way down to the chargers, the cables of which measure over 5’ each.

Functionally, both units bat nearly 1000 as the hybrid convection/conduction technology pulls pure, sweet vapor with every drag at any temperature (122° to 428° F / 50° to 220° C), avoiding combustion with the unique and easy-to-clean all glass chamber/mouthpiece. The only major differences are twofold: The Argo is a short, square design with a micro USB-charged 1850 removable battery, while the Solo II is tall and slender with the more traditional DC charging port. Either way, though, these offerings are fierce contenders in the dry herb vape market, priced to compete with the heavy hitters and tiered with a generous margin for the retailer.
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