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Two for Tuesday: Dealing with Angry Customers

You can’t please every customer – but it’s worth the effort to try and solve their problems. An ugly incident can ruin your day, but without a successful resolution that incident can ruin your reputation when the sour word spreads.

Here are two tips to help you diffuse a tense situation.

Shut Up & Listen

Let the customer air their grievance fully before responding. Actively listen while they tell their whole story even if they start to rant. Sometimes they just need to vent plus you have the opportunity to hear what they want or need to turn the situation around. If you interrupt them before they are finished, you might not know the whole story, you might miss valuable clues, and you might just tick them off more.

Deliver More

You’ve probably heard the phrase under promise and over deliver. If you say you’ll replace a broken vape device, throw in a free e-juice. A little something above and beyond what you promise is a great way to say that you are sorry for the inconvenience, and leave the customer with a good feeling about the experience with you and your business.

Canna Aid

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