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Canna Aid


“Just take a nibble and save the rest for later. I made them stronger than I’d intended.”

I heard him; I really did. But then I took that first nibble. As the gooey, skunk-tinged chocolate goodness broke apart in my mouth and slid across my taste buds, the digestive enzymes in my gut awoke and began to moan, reminding me that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Bad decisions ensued. I spent the rest of the evening with my head glued to the bar top, in fear of toppling off my stool into the nonexistent lava below. This was 2010. Unfortunately, Undoo wasn’t created until 2016. We need time machines.

What is Undoo? It’s the all natural, cannabis-free gel capsule that is purported to dramatically reduce the effects of overconsumption without mitigating the associated therapeutic benefits. While I don’t understand exactly how the patent pending, proprietary blend works (pure devilry is my guess), I have now heard dozens of testimonials of its efficacy, leading me to suspect that this new supplement may soon become a market mainstay. Whether you’re a dispensary owner, caregiver, or smoke shop owner concerned your “tobacco use only” sign is being ignored, Undoo could be your ticket to new revenue streams.

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