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Unleash Your Branding Power

Have you ever wanted to offer your own branded products? Did you let idea slide because you thought it would be too much work and expense? In this article, we’ll explore the world of private label products and show how they can be your gateway to increased profitability, recognition, and customer loyalty. Whether it’s custom glassware, rolling papers, vaping accessories, or high-quality hemp products, the possibilities for private labeling are limited only by your imagination.

Dazzling Profit Margins

By offering private label products, smoke shop retailers can tap into an exclusive market segment, allowing them to increase profit margins significantly. Private labeling eliminates the need for intermediaries, reducing costs and offering greater control over pricing. Let’s consider an example: Custom-branded glass bongs and pipes manufactured specifically for your smoke shop can command a higher price point while maintaining competitive affordability.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Private label products create a unique bond between your smoke shop and its customers. By offering exclusive items that cannot be found elsewhere, you foster a sense of loyalty and trust. When customers associate a particular product or brand with your smoke shop, they are more likely to return for repeat purchases. Consider creating custom-branded rolling papers, grinders, or vaporizers to leave your customers with a lasting impression.

Customizable Branding and Packaging

With private label products, smoke shop retailers have the freedom to unleash their creativity and establish a distinct brand identity. Tailor the branding, packaging, and labeling to reflect your shop’s personality and values. Consider vibrant and eye-catching packaging for your line of flavored e-liquids or sleek, minimalist designs for your custom line of ashtrays. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

Product Quality Control

With private label products, you have full control over the quality of the items you offer. Collaborate with reputable manufacturers to ensure that your products meet the highest standards. By doing so, you can confidently vouch for the quality and durability of the goods, instilling trust and confidence in your customers. Whether it’s a unique line of herbal vaporizers or high-quality dab rigs, private label products give you the power to curate the best for your customers.

Competitive Advantage

Private labeling enables smoke shop retailers to differentiate themselves from competitors. In a crowded marketplace, standing out is crucial. With private label products, you can offer a distinct range of items that set you apart from other smoke shops. For example, consider creating your own line of store-branded pre rolled cones, or artisanally crafted wooden pipes engraved with your logo and website address. It’s great advertising, and by offering exclusive products, you give customers a compelling reason to choose your smoke shop over others.

Now that we’ve sparked your interest in private label products, here are a few vendors who can provide their expertise and support.

JustRaw –

Jason Blitzer, co-founder of JustRaw, recommends private labeling as a means to establish your own profit margins by eliminating the middleman. The range of personalized hemp-based products offered by JustRaw includes oils, balms, gummies, creams, pain-relief lotions, and pet products. With full vertical integration, JustRaw handles product customization, flavoring, packaging, labeling, and distribution, ensuring quality control from seed to shelf.

CannaDevices –

According to Chris Piazza, CEO of CannaDevices, the real opportunity for white labels is in hard goods; grinders, trays, batteries, glass, etc., because they keep your brand top of mind longer than disposable products. He also suggests looking at white labeling as a marketing spend such as giveaways to new customers or an added value when a customer spends a certain amount. If half is used that way and half is sold at keystone, it costs very little to make a lot of customers happy and have a lasting impression with that customer, Chris explains.

Dr. Yinzy’s CBD –

Small businesses with only one store are up against it when it comes to building a house brand, explains Brad Malinowski, CEO at Dr. Yinzy’s CBD. As he points out, small businesses typically don’t have the capacity for creating labels, the funds to place minimum orders, or even know how to get SKUs to create products. The solution? Work with a knowledgeable and trustworthy vendor to create private label products. Dr. Yinzky’s CBD is a perfect example, having been in business for over a decade with a line of more than a dozen high quality products all made in Florida in GMP certified labs.

MAV Glass –

“Teaming up with a well-known brand like MAV on a co-branded product can go a long way to legitimize a shop’s brand in the eyes of customers. Not only does the shop have their brand on a quality product, but they have the full weight of our marketing and customer service to back them up,” says Matt Studebaker, MAV’s Sales and Operations Manager. MAV offers 12″-18″ beakers and straights as well as custom orders to select shops.

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