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Upcoming Legislative Sessions: What can we expect to see?

In my last article I discussed the 2022 legislative sessions in many states. In this article I want to shed some light on what we and many other advocates across the country anticipate in the 2023 session. As always, if you have any questions about how to get involved, ideas and relationships you may have that you believe are beneficial, please email us at:

The 2023 legislative session will see many more states attempt to ban and or regulate Delta8 and other hemp derived cannabinoids. Many southern states have said Delta8 legislation will be top of mind this session, and whether that means they will attempt to ban them, or regulate them is still up for discussion. Considering we saw legislation that aimed to ban Delta8 products in numerous states last year, I believe we can confidently predict many will attempt those same or similar bills next year. Minnesota legislators have said Delta8 legislation will be one of their top priorities next year as well.

As we inch closer to the start of session in January in many states, we as an industry need to be coming together to have our voices heard. We do live in a democracy after all.  We have rights, we must have our voices heard, and with a growing consumer base and well into the tens of thousands of stores selling hemp products across the U.S. we can no longer take a backseat to the policy conversation that could impact our businesses and the health of our customers. With fentanyl pouring into this country, and the war on drugs deeming cannabis illegal in many states still, many people find solace knowing that the products they are buying come from US based companies who hold themselves to very high legal and ethical standards.

We are anticipating a lot of fights across the country, and have been working diligently with legislators, business owners, and scientists to best prepare our industry for the inevitable wave of misinformation, media narratives, and staunch opposition from large “competing” industries. We are working with legislators to help them understand who we are, where we come from, and how our industry serves millions of people in their great states. We are working with businesses small and large to set marketing and testing standards so from the top down our industry can start to course correct before too many bad actors feel comfortable finding a home here. We are working with scientists and top university researchers to develop scientific studies showing the safety and even benefits of many of these hemp derived cannabinoids.

I think we all agree that saving hemp derived cannabinoids is paramount, but let’s not get complacent in saying “someone else is fighting, so I don’t have to.” Every voice counts, and every dollar adds to our ability to get our messaging out to more people! Please find your state’s association website donate now, January is coming fast!


We encourage everyone to join The American Healthy Alternatives Association (AHAA), or one of our many state associations to get involved in the fight and learn more about what is happening in your state’s legislature.

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