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Vapium Lite

Vapium Lite

Purely on performance, the Vapium Lite probably wouldn’t quite stand up to the PAX or one of Arizer’s offerings. But on the price/value ratio? All bets are off. Billed as an entry-level dry herb unit by most, this little steam machine is priced to fit the tightest of budgets with an MSRP of only $79, but still somehow scored a solid 9/10 from

You won’t get the down-to-the degree temperature options offered by the more expensive units and demanded by veterans, but you will get eight pre-sets, all precision-dialed and carefully selected to hit the sweetest spots of the spectrum. The unit has four colored lights, one for each pair of pre-sets (each pre-set has a high/low option), with the corresponding temperature clearly imprinted on either side in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The rim around the loading chamber is raised to minimize spills ease loading, while the chamber itself holds a remarkable .33 grams. Need a poker? You’re covered. There’s a stir tool integrated right into the unit. Operation is even easier than loading, with three clearly marked buttons: on/off, up and down.

Between its affordability and functionality, it’s hard to imagine the Vapium Lite sitting still on the shelf for long.
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