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Vibes™ Rolling Papers

Berner is anything but lazy. Since 2007, the rapper has pumped out 21 collaboration albums, 14 solo albums, 10 singles and three compilations. Anymore, that’s more records than most people own in their entire collection, all put out in just over a decade. Prolific doesn’t even begin to describe that kind of output. And here’s the thing: That’s only his music career. We haven’t even touched his business endeavors, almost all of which revolve around the good herb. Let’s just say he’s building his Hempire.

The Hempire is expanding once again with his latest collaboration, Vibes™, a collection of premium rolling papers that are cultivated in France, cut and kitted in the Dominican Republic and rolled and burned by discerning smokers right here in the U.S. The brand features a variety of blends and sizes, all of which are produced in accordance with stringent standards of quality and intended to preserve the integrity of your choice smoking blends. Whether your preference is hemp or rice, cone or king size, Vibes has a premium selection for you. And with Berner’s massive social media reach, selling the line should be as easy as loading the displays on your shelf. 877.292.7660 IG: @gnlnws