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Canna Aid

The Wave

The Wave

Flower or concentrates?

There are a few ways to answer that question. If you’re holding a dry herb vape, you’ll probably say “flower.” If you’re rocking a dab straw it’ll be “concentrates.” But if you have the brand-new Wave from White Rhino, all you have to say is “yes please.”

That’s because the Wave is the very first vaporizer that features spaces for both flower and concentrates that you can use simultaneously or independently. Its tri-functionality allows you the option of flower, concentrates or both, with four pre-sets for each, measured in temperature for flower and voltage for concentrates.

The concept is delivered in an exceptionally sturdy and easy to use package that’s ergonomically designed for a sure grip. The outer casing has an aluminum finish for a clean look while the guts are well-insulated to keep it cool to the touch. Tired of wearing out those charging pins? Tire no more. The Wave comes with a uniquely designed charging cradle that all but eliminates the typical wear and tear of plugging and unplugging.

You’d think all of this, plus a limited lifetime warranty, would fetch a pretty penny but think again. The MSRP is only $160. Hold on to your beach chairs; this Wave is going to be huge.

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