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Wax Wallet XL

Wax Wallet XL

“What’s in your wallet?” the voice on the TV asked, the question punctuating the end of a commercial.

“Three different strains,” I fired back. Yes, I was talking back to the TV, but I’m not crazy. I had been watching Hannity, so yelling at the screen seemed like a completely rational thing to do. The fact that I carry my sticky icky in my wallet doesn’t make me crazy either. At least, not since I picked up the Wax Wallet XL from 420 Science.

“What’s the Wax Wallet?”

Glad you asked. It’s a super-handy storage container perfect for taking your choice concentrates with you wherever you go. It’s big enough to carry what you need to keep the sesh going, but still small enough to slide in your back pocket when you need to free up a hand. The exterior is a hard plastic, clamshell case that snaps together with ease, while the interior is inlaid with food-grade silicone and features a dab mat on one side and multiple storage compartments on the other; three larger spaces for storing a few grams separately, a slot for a dab wand, and eight, precision-measured micro spaces for quick doses.

So, what’s in my wallet? That depends. Are you a cop?

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