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Way Bags


With innovate designs and amazing graphics, there’s no other brand in the cannabis and smoke shop industries quite like V Syndicate. Founded in 2010, V Syndicate made their mark with the world’s first Grinder Card, a flat herb grinder that slips easily into a pocket or wallet. From there, V Syndicate has expanded to providing an unmatched variety of some of the coolest smoking accessories you can find. From grinders, rolling trays, smart stash containers and ashtrays, there’s something for everyone and every need. Now, V Syndicate is dropping their newest entry in the cannabis lifestyle marketplace with the Way Bag line features everything from backpacks to duffle bags that each come with their own matching rolling trays. A smell proof pouch and waterproof zippers seal the deal, while vibrant artwork is sure to create a buzz with seven original designs to choose from. And going back to their roots, V Syndicate even incorporated a mini grinder surface on the zipper tag!

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