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Weedgets Maze-X Pipe

Weedgets was founded by Michael Barenboym, a world-renowned medical-device engineer and designer, who has developed lifesaving technologies including artificial heart systems, spine reconstructive surgical equipment, and endoscopic and laparoscopy robotic systems. Michael’s experience in medical device entrepreneurship combined with his passion for making cannabis smoking safer led to the development of the revolutionary Maze-X Pipe that utilizes a patented “coughless” filtration technology to cool the smoke and minimize the presence hot resin and tar. In essence, the inner workings of the pipe force the smoke from the glass bowl to travel through a ‘maze’ of tunnels carved into the medical grade silicone inner body before reaching your mouth. The result is a smooth, light, and enjoyable dry flower smoking experience that doesn’t burn the tongue, throat, or lungs. The stealthy Maze-X hand pipe measures just 5.5”in length and is practically indestructible with an anodized aluminum handle and silicone bowl covering.

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