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Canna Aid

Welcome – May 2020

Pssst. Hey there. It’s us, your pals at HQ. Is it safe to come out yet? It’s a weird question for us to be asking, we know, but keep in mind this is print media. It’s still late March where we are, but you’re reading this in May. That’s five weeks in the future for us and we have no idea what that looks like. Where we are, the world as we’ve known it seems to be hanging in the balance. Half the population is basically on house arrest while the global economy is on the verge of taking a siesta. 

We are hoping against hope that by the time this issue hits your mailbox, the world will be returning to some semblance of normal, that maybe we’ll all be wondering if we didn’t overreact just a little. We can hope. But whatever the scenario is in May of 2020, take heart. Remember that as Americans, we come from a long line of generations before us who stared into the abyss and laughed in the face of oblivion. It’s just what we do. 

So, chin up. Stay stocked and stay vigilant. You can weather this. You’re in the business of pleasure, of healing, and of aiding and abetting the pilgrims on their sacred journey. The world needs you now more than ever. 

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