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What Advertisers and Buyers Should Look For in a Trade Magazine

In today’s digital age, you might make the mistake of thinking no one reads trade magazines anymore. In reality, trade magazines, especially in the Business to Business space, have weathered the digital storm and have as many readers as ever.

One thing that allows Business to Business trade magazines to thrive despite there being many other channels in the market is that they can easily be placed in front of the right crowd. For example, trade magazines can be targeted at manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers who would most likely be interested in the information therein.

That said, all trade magazines are not the same. Some are more useful to advertisers and buyers than others. In this guide, we’re going to look at what buyers need/want plus what advertisers should be looking for in a trade magazine to ensure it’s the right one.

A Highly Targeted Channel

If you want to benefit maximally from a trade magazine, look for one that deals with your industry. If possible, you should choose the one that deals with your specific goods or services. A large proportion of the people reading the magazine will be interested in your products, so your ad is likely to gain a lot of attention. If you are a buyer, you’re likely to find a lot of information about the products you’re looking for.

HQ Magazine is one of the most highly targeted channels out there. While the magazine has information that’s useful for all small retail shop owners, no matter which industry they are in, it’s mainly targeted at counterculture lifestyle retailers running headshops, vape shops, smoke shops, dispensaries, and adult novelty stores.

In recent years, the magazine has grown to become both an advisor and advocate for this once-maligned industry. Whether you are a retailer looking to advertise products in this industry or a buyer stocking your shelves, you can be sure that you are getting in front of the right audience with HQ Magazine.

Growing Revenue

You obviously don’t want to partner with a trade magazine whose revenue is on the decline. That’s an indication that advertisers don’t trust the magazine or that the magazine’s industry is on the downslope. Therefore, look for a magazine that shows strong performance or at least shows potential for revenue growth.

If you’re looking for a magazine with high revenue growth, look no further than HQ Magazine. For starters, HQ Magazine deals with an industry undergoing a tremendous revolution. As the industry becomes more and more mainstream, new players enter the market. Advertisers can expect increased attention to their ads and, consequently, more sales.

Good Readership

Before engaging any trade magazine, ensure it has a high level of readership. The worst thing that can probably happen to an advertiser is paying for an ad that is not seen. And even for buyers, good readership is still a critical factor to consider as it’s a sign that other people trust the trade magazine.

However, having a high number of readers isn’t enough. It’s important that the majority of the people reading the magazine be key decision makers. For example, if you’re an advertiser, you want to ensure most of the people reading the magazines are the ones who can act on your ad. Think of people in management or those responsible for making sales.

With a readership of over 38,000 people per month, HQ Magazine is a trusted source for many people. A large number of people will see your ad. And most of these people are likely to be interested in your products as the magazine is only distributed to qualified, vetted buyers. On the same note, buyers are exposed to a wide range of vendors, increasing their chances of sourcing high-quality products.

Besides, when your company is in front of a large audience, it’s seen in a great light, which helps to build brand recognition. As such, you’re likely to benefit from more relationships down the road.


The Business to Business trade magazine you choose to partner with should be transparent in whatever they do. Information about the magazine and the industry it deals in shouldn’t be difficult to obtain. Here are several aspects that indicate a trade magazine is transparent:

  • Information in the trade magazine is truthful and not misleading
  • The trade magazine has a clear objective and gives regular updates
  • The trade magazine’s website is properly maintained and supported, with a particular focus placed on security aspects that protect users from malware and viruses
  • There are clear policies on advertising
  • Trade magazine is freely accessible to everyone. If the magazine’s content isn’t freely accessible, the method of getting access (subscription, registration, pay-per-view fees, etc.) is clearly described.

Part of the reason why HQ Magazine has managed to gain a lot of trust and credibility is its high level of transparency. All the information posted in the magazine is truthful and credible. There is also a well laid out procedure to follow when advertising with HQ.

Above all, information on the magazine is highly accessible online, and there are also optional subscription plans to cater to those who would like to receive the magazine each month and without interruptions.

Quality Content

All media channels rely on content to keep their users engaged and informed. Consumers today have many media options at their fingertips, meaning they will not hesitate to switch to another magazine or media channel if their expectations are not met. By regularly providing high-quality content, a trade magazine will be able to maintain its readers and subscribers for a long period. For advertisers, this is welcome news, as it means more people will see your ads.

Partnering with a trade journal that produces high-quality content also means you have access to valuable and meaningful content. You’ll be on top of what is happening in your industry at all times.

HQ Magazine prides itself on availing highly valuable content to all its readers. All our content is written by a team of experts who have vast experience and knowledge in the retail industry. These experts adhere to a high level of objectivity and professionalism, refraining from coloring the content with subjective interpretation.

The following are some of the topics you can expect from HQ Magazine:

  • Industry or company news: Production statistics, latest industry products, insights from industry leaders, etc.
  • Market trends: New technology for retailers and vendors, market growth and development, changing consumer behaviors, market displacement of other products, etc.
  • Industry events: Trade shows, exhibitions, symposiums, and conferences.
  • Resources: Product spotlights, press releases, how-to guides, cannabis recipes, informative articles, etc.

Vetted Advertisers

It’s no hidden secret that advertisements in magazines and newspapers are considered more reliable and trustworthy than those in social media and other digital channels. Anyone can wake up one day and post an ad on their social media handles. This perhaps explains the rising rate of fake ads on social media platforms.

Reputable Business to Business trade magazines have strict guidelines and review processes to ensure every ad posted is credible and truthful. They follow these practices because they know any false or misleading ads could harm their reputation and brand value.

At HQ Magazine, all advertisers are thoroughly vetted by a team of experts to determine whether they are trustworthy and can fulfill what they promise in their ads. The ads are also reviewed to ensure they meet the right standards. In the end, buyers get to work with trustworthy vendors and access products that meet their expectations.

Proper Circulation

One thing that sets apart Business to Business trade magazines from other digital channels is how well they can be distributed to the intended audience. The publishing company can ensure all the intended persons or places receive regular copies every time there is a new issue.

HQ Magazine has done tremendous work in this area, with a monthly circulation of about 12,000. To make this possible, we distribute the magazine to head/smoke shops, adult shops, hydroponic outlets, gift/novelty stores, convenience stores, cannabis dispensaries, and other similar retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. In the last two decades, the magazine has become a reliable buying tool and information source for many retailers.

Stay Updated in 2023 With HQ Magazine

Whether you’re an advertiser or a buyer, HQ Magazine is your most trusted source in the retail industry. As we continue to push for the legitimization of the counterculture marketplace, we are committed to providing high-value content and insights to keep you on top of things.

But that’s not all. As new players enter the market, we will be here to guide you on how to navigate the industry and thrive in your business. Therefore, expect big things this year: A more revamped and retooled digital presence, a more professional aesthetic, and an expanded and more impactful tool chest for vendors and retailers. We know you hold us to high standards, so we keep raising our game.

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