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White Rhino Glass Blunts


The glass blunt. It’s a classic example of toker innovation with roots that can be traced all the way back to the 70s. It’s simple, elegant and most importantly, it’s the tastiest way to toke this side of a vaporizer. Since it’s invention, there have been many iterations, the most memorable of them being the beautifully worked Slider System from Home Blown Glass or the super-innovative Twisty from 7Pipe. But as much as we love these reinterpretations of a classic, sometimes you just want the simplicity and affordability of the original.  

White Rhino’s got you covered. Their new glass blunt is everything you loved about the original, along with their unmistakable branding laminated on the side and molded in the rubber grommet. It’s priced to sell at an MSRP of only $12.99 and comes in a retail-ready 49-count display that can sit right on your countertop. Best part; the retail margin is YUGE. 


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