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Canna Aid

White Rhino’s Adjustable Downstem

There are scant few things in the head shop world that have caused more headaches than the matching of downstem sizes. What an infinitely tedious undertaking. Is it a 12mm? Or is it a 14mm? Or maybe it’s 16mm but you have a 14mm double-sided adapter to retrofit your recycler on a tube originally intended for flower. But is that inside or outside diameter? 


If that sounded like gibberish more than accurate tech specs, good catch; that was the intention. Point is, it’s been the source of more than a few customer meltdowns. Not to mention, it creates a hell of a lot of shelf clutter when you need a million different sizes to ensure accommodation of everyone. 


The good news is White Rhino has developed a solution – and it’s inventive AF. Billed as “the last downstem you’ll ever need,” White Rhino’s new Adjustable Downstem is a series of interchangeable silicon parts that can be reconfigured to fit almost any water pipe size specifications. Each unit comes with a 14mm adapter, a 19mm adapter, four connecting pieces of varying lengths, and a diffuser, and is adjustable in length from 1.5” all the way to 10.5.” The Adjustable Downstem is available in seven color varieties and comes in a retail-ready 35 count display.

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