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Canna Aid

Woodenship Production

3D printing is ideally positioned to supply the smoke shop industry with on-demand spare part production, custom designs, functional integration with existing products and bring new ideas to life. Florida-based Woodenship Production utilizes the latest 3D CAD and 3D printing equipment and techniques to reduce costs, resources and time expenditure in many areas beyond large scale production. Prototypes can be built quickly and are cost-efficient to perfect designs and accelerate development cycles. Finished products made from recycled raw materials can be ready often within a matter of days.

Having owned a smoke shop for two decades has given Woodenship unique insights into the industry and the needs of cannabis enthusiasts. Literally layer by layer they’ve built a catalog of one-of-a-kind, affordable smoking accessories including steam rollers, hand pipes and custom designed pieces made to compliment the popular Puffco Peak vaporizer. The ability to produce products on-demand eliminates supply chain headaches and gives retailers the unique opportunity to place orders for pieces in custom colors and even with store logos. 

“Our creative process is very, very short,” says owner Brian Stone. “The biggest advantage of 3D printing is that we’re able to quickly turn out the most recent, most interesting version of aftermarket products, so retailers having fresh items on their shelves is never going to be an issue.”


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