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Wulf Evolve Maxxx 3-in-1


Take your dabs to the next level with the Wulf Evolve Maxxx 3-in-1 from Wulf Mods and Got Vapes. A multi-functional concentrate vaporizer, the Wulf Evolve Maxxx 3 was designed to deliver top performance for elevated sessions. The Maxxx features Quartz Triple Coils (QTC) technology, three voltage options, and automatic heating.  These advancements come together to bring users the best experience in dab mode, nectar collector mode, or being used as a wax pen. A built-in silicone jar and airflow value provide the purest flavors on the go. The highlight of the Maxxx is the 3-in-1 aspect, Choose from Dab Rig Mode, Nectar Collector Mode or Wax Pen Mode for a custom vape experience. Dab Rig Mode allows the use of the battery with a water rig for smooth sessions. Nectar Collector Mode functions by utilizing the nectar ceramic heating tip with your favorite concentrates. Wax Pen Mode allows users to apply their wax straight to the coil (compatible with both Evolve Plus and Regen Coils) for powerful sessions.


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