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Everyday we’re confronted with a barrage of choices. We make choices about the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the friends we make, music we listen to, where we’re going on vacation, and so on and so on. Living a rich and rewarding life means not only having the ability to make choices, but also making choices that lead to a satisfying personal experience.

When it comes to cannabis, modern consumption methods present users with a myriad of choices.  According to a survey by Arizona State University, nearly 80% of cannabis consumers say they prefer flower over concentrates. One reason is that flower is simple to smoke, whether in a pipe or a rolled joint. Still, there’s no denying that concentrates are becoming more widely used, in fact sales shot up more than 40% last year, and one explanation is that while dabbing traditionally requires a complicated rig, to consume, new technology has made the products easier to use.  

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of personal vaping devices, XVape USA understands the power of choice, and factors that value into their designs from concept to market availability.

“We try to accommodate the masses. Our mission is to offer a variety of user-friendly vape products that meet the needs and tastes of cannabis consumers of all experience levels from first timers to seasoned connoisseurs,” says Keith Nash, XVape USA Chief Business Development Officer.

Headquartered in Southern California, XVape USA was founded a decade ago by a pair of vape industry engineers. Understanding the market, they realized a need for a quality, reliable product at an affordable price. 

The first XVape USA products were intended for flower. As concentrates entered the mainstream, multi-use vaping devices became the brand’s calling card. 

“The typical cannabis consumer has spendable income of $100 to $200, and while they’re often attracted to a product because of the hype, they’re also very intelligent, do their homework and want products, like multi-use vapes, that give them options rather than limiting usability,” Nash says. 

For retailers, Nash points out that multi-use vaping devices are a smart choice because they require minimal shelf space and less investment from a buyer’s budget. Also, one device makes it easier on staff when it comes to learning about the product and communicating its advantages to customers.

Vape pens utilize either conduction or convection heating to safeguard product (flower or concentrate) from being overheated or burned, guaranteeing the highest quality taste, experience, and medicinal properties. As Nash points out temperature control is even more important with concentrates, ensuring consistent draw and flavor profile from beginning to end.

“When you look at the aspects of dabbing, it requires heat, typically from a torch flame, that activates the molecules in the cannabis and generates the THC levels. A vaporisor utilizes consistent heat, which creates consistency in taste and potency without the risk of burnt tase, waste and spoilage,” Nash says. 

“When you’re dabbing with a torch, you have to preheat the glass surface, drop in the dab, and then wait for the glass to cool so that you don’t burn yourself with the hot dab,” Nash adds. “A vaporisor allows the user to enjoy dabbing at a much cooler temperature for the mouth.”

The majority of XVape USA devices are preset at what they’ve learned through extensive testing and user feedback to be the most effective and popular temperatures. More advanced devices, such as the Aria and Starry 3.0, feature variable settings that allow the user to dial in the perfect temperature for their personal taste.

“We’re constantly evolving, even our existing devices, but whatever we do, we always keep the consumer in mind,” Nash says. “We’re designing unique devices and products that incorporate different types of materials, technologies, and functions, to be part of revolutionizing the cannabis and vape spaces.”

The Vista Mini 2, a portable electronic dab rig, for instance, utilizes replaceable quartz coil heads, wireless charging via smartphone PowerShare, and haptic feedback that gives a vibration to indicate the desired temperature has been reached. There’s even a Discovery Carb Cap that puts the vapor on full view.

XVape USA also builds devices to a high standard with stainless steel and anodized aluminum shells. It’s a difference you can feel instantly when you pick up a device like the Aria, which even though being marketed as a budget-friendly vape, steps up the quality with stylish front and back vegan leather panels.

“We design for the classes, but with prices for the masses,” Nash asserts, explaining that with their own manufacturing facilities, XVape USA can offer consumers affordability, and retailers a price point that promises keystone margins.

Every device that carries the XVape USA brand is manufactured under strenuous ISO13485 quality control conditions. This certification is the internationally recognized standard for medical device quality management systems to ensure practices meet regulatory requirements throughout the lifecycle of products and components. According to Nash, less than 1% of every product sold to the global market comes back for exchange.

“We take customer service very seriously,” Nash says. “Furthermore, we backup our retail partners with the support and training needed to educate end-users consumers, whether they be medical patients or recreational users.”

Among the visual assets that XVape provides are easy-to understand product demos highlighting key features, functions, and price. They also conduct group training sessions and offer staff the chance to test out products for themselves so they can more authentically convey those experiences.

“Picking the right brand to support can save you time and increase your profits,” Nash says. “Our training materials are simple from a learning perspective so even the newest staff members can guide customers into the vape option that best suits their needs and lifestyle.”

 “We are a passionate company, and passion creates commitment, which creates enthusiasm, which creates devotion, which creates consistency,” Nash continues. “XVape is at ground zero every day — retailers can reach out to us directly and we will do whatever we can to make sure they are satisfied — in other words, we’re running to you, not from you. We are a brand that is devoted to having retailers and consumers be part of our family forever.”

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