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Email Etiquette: Enhancing Your Professional Image & Impact

Crafting Effective and Professional Emails Without Becoming a ‘Corporate Robot’

In the fast-paced world of B2B communication, email remains a crucial tool for building relationships and driving business success. However, the way we communicate through emails can significantly impact how others perceive us and our companies. Professional B2B email etiquette is crucial – even in the smoke shop industry. 

Picture this: You open an email from a potential vendor or client, and it starts with a nonchalant “Hey Bro!” followed by a barrage of unprofessional language. Not exactly the impression you want to leave, right? Such emails can have detrimental effects on your image and reputation.

“In our industry, it’s especially important to have a professional email,” states Mike Sessoms. A veteran industry entrepreneur, Mike is the owner of HeadQuest International (yes, the parent company of this publication), as well as the SSE Group, the organizing entity behind the wildly successful boutique B2B trade shows that share the namesake. “We’re trying to get rid of the negative undertones and the stigma that’s placed on our industry,” he continues. He’s not wrong. Despite the strides we’ve made toward legitimacy, “They’re probably high” still seems to be the outsider’s favorite explanation when they witness an industry misstep. Let’s prove them wrong—and let’s start by sharpening our comms.

Mike Sessoms, Founder and CEO of SSE; Owner of HeadQuest Magazine discusses professional email etiquette in the smoke shop industry.

In our industry, it’s especially important to have a professional email. We’re trying to get rid of the negative undertones and the stigma that’s placed on our industry.

The Power of  Professionalism

The Power of Professionalism in the Smoke Shop Industry: Adopting professional email etiquette isn’t about suppressing your personality. It’s about finding the right balance between friendliness and respect, a crucial aspect for businesses in our niche. Avoid using overly casual language or inappropriate expressions that may alienate potential clients and tarnish your industry reputation. Remember, projecting a positive image of your brand is essential for attracting and retaining valuable business opportunities.

Don’t worry, being professional doesn’t mean you have to become a corporate robot devoid of personality. Quite the contrary. You can still be the charismatic and engaging entrepreneur you are while exuding respect and courtesy in your emails. It’s all about striking that perfect balance and projecting a positive image of your brand.

As Sessoms points out, it’s okay to be friendly, but avoid overly casual language or inappropriate expressions. You can incorporate your own personality, but there’s a vast difference between injecting character and dropping f-bombs.

Avoiding Spam: Email Best Practices for Smoke Shop Professionals

When crafting a sales email, prioritize personalization, relevance, and professionalism to avoid being flagged as spam. Begin with a personalized greeting and offer tailored solutions to the recipient’s needs. Steer clear of subject lines containing spam trigger words like “urgent,” “buy now,” and “limited time offer.” By adhering to these best practices and focusing on engaging content, your email is more likely to reach the recipient’s inbox and achieve its intended impact.

Senior Account Executive at Trip Drip discusses email etiquette in the smoke shop industry.

In our industry, it’s especially important to have a professional email. We’re trying to get rid of the negative undertones and the stigma that’s placed on our industry.

Professional Email Addresses: Hello@Yourcompany, Goodbye Anonymity

Let’s address something seemingly small but impactful: your email address. We’ve all had amusing handles in the past (remember Stonerboy@Hotmail or Puffpuffprincess@Gmail?). They may be long on the fun, but they’re short on professionalism. For work, let’s get a little more serious. Let’s also stop using Hotmail and Yahoo addresses for business. Put a dot-com at the end of your address. Your website’s host may offer custom email addresses. Or, consider Google Workspace (from $6/month) for a professional email like Yourname@yourcompany. A credible email instantly enhances your business image.

Respond in Kind

Sometimes, the simplest reason is the best one to act upon. In the business world, the importance of promptly responding to emails boils down to common courtesy. Rory Jordan, Senior Account Executive at Trip Drip, a brand of disposable THC vapes and gummies, highlights that the lack of a response leaves the sender uncertain about what to do next.

“Sales reps aim to introduce products and cater to buyers’ needs. It’s understandable that people are tired of getting inundated with emails, but they also contribute to the issue by not responding,” Jordan says. He adds that if you share your contact information, be professional and check your messages regularly. A simple, polite response only takes a few seconds and lets the sender know if you’re interested or not. If you are, a quick phone call can be the next step to gather more information. Ignoring an email only results in an influx of follow-up emails; worse yet, the risk of missing out on business opportunities and significant profits.

Email Evolution: Tapping into the Potential

According to the Email and Document Usage Benchmark Report, nine out of 10 decision-makers rely on email for their business communications. However, 84% of respondents also claimed that poor email management could have significant consequences for their business. So if you’ve been neglecting your email etiquette, it’s time to course-correct and steer clear of some all-too-common email sins:

The Rambling Trap

We’ve all received those never-ending emails that seem to go on forever. Keep it short and sweet; get to the point, and your recipients will thank you.


WRITING AN EMAIL IN ALL CAPS CAN GIVE THE IMPRESSION THAT YOU’RE YELLING. Use it sparingly for emphasis when needed. Even better: Use bold or italics for emphasis instead.

404 Frustration

Ah, the dreaded broken link – when users click on a hyperlink, and it does not lead them to the intended destination or webpage. Always check your links.

One-Word Wonders

“K,” “Thanks,” “Sure” – one-word responses are ambiguous and don’t exactly show enthusiasm. Give your recipient the attention they deserve; let them know you care.


Elevate Your Emails: ChatGPT + Grammarly

Whether it’s a persuasive sales pitch, a thoughtful client update, or a concise project proposal, ChatGPT is your reliable partner for generating impactful email drafts.

Try this prompt:

“Compose a professional email to [Recipient’s Name], [Recipient’s Title/Position] at [Recipient’s Company/Organization]. The email should be courteous, concise, and to the point. Your objective is to [state the purpose of the email, e.g., introduce yourself, request a meeting, follow up on a previous conversation, etc.]. Please ensure correct grammar, spelling, and formatting to make a positive impression on the recipient. The email should be approximately [desired length of the email].”

Now, head over to Grammarly, the trusted writing assistant. It ensures there are no spelling or grammar mistakes to cloud your message.

By combining the creative flair of ChatGPT with the meticulous precision of Grammarly, you can be confident that your professional emails will be engaging, error-free, and leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

Lasting Impressions

In the competitive landscape of the smoke shop industry, mastering the art of effective email etiquette can be the key differentiator that sets your business apart and drives substantial conversions. Every email sent is an opportunity to make a lasting impression and forge stronger connections with your audience, so make it count and watch your business grow.

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