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Canna Aid

Enhancing the High Your Customers Crave

So, you’re a customer in a smoke shop and wondering what other products you can get to compliment your high and take it to another level. Sure, there’s a huge variety of edibles, smokables, pipes, papers and pretty much anything else your heart desires (cannabis-loaded bath bombs, anyone?) but have you given any thought to treating yourself to an adult toy to perhaps experience sex like you never have before? As a retailer, it’s time to think outside the usual offerings at your store and consider bringing in some sex toys to enhance the high your customers crave.

Many adult pleasure product stores have taken on smoke products to add to the experience and convenience to make their stores “one stop shopping” for adult pleasure seekers of any kind. Plenty of adult stores have reported success in bringing in a display cabinet’s worth of pipes, usually sticking to the smaller sizes since larger pipes and accessories (think hookah pipes) tend to be offered in smoke and vape shops. Oftentimes, adult store customers will have an “ah ha” moment when they realize they can get a new pipe or accessory while they pick up a butt plug and lube.

Showcasing adult products in a smoke shop can give the opportunity for buyers to try a new sex toy adventure for the first time. Here are my suggestions when your business wants to venture into the pleasure products world.

Starting with the basics, offer products that aren’t intimidating and create a welcoming appeal to the first time buyer. Just about everyone is familiar with the ubiquitous rabbit style vibrator, a dual action toy that offers internal stimulation as well as external clitoral stimulator. Rabbits have evolved immensely in the past decade, with many shapes and sizes to accommodate a user’s needs and desires. With the overwhelming majority of toys being rechargeable and made of body-friendly silicone, choosing what size and style of dual action toy is up to the space a store can use for their adult products. Small ones may seem like they’re not enough but since adult products may not be the store’s focus, smaller and more compact styles could be a good place to start.

Another popular style of simple pleasure product is the good ol’ bullet vibe. What was once a hard plastic, thumb sized cylinder with a wire attached to a 2AA battery case has morphed into amazing shapes and styles, offering a zillion, zingy speeds. Most have a simple button on the bottom that’s easy to use, especially when the bud is kicking in.

There’s even a line of cannabis-inspired toys that come in different styles and are embellished with our seven-leafed friend. Popular pleasure products manufacturer, Maia Toys’ 420 line, features several different types of vibes, including the aforementioned dual vibe (complete with a pot leaf shaped clitoral stimulator).

Of course, Maia offers something for everyone; simple straight shaft vibes, a remote controlled panty vibe, a wand vibe called Marlie (of course!), several types of bullet vibes, and straight, standard shaped ones, and even some men’s masturbation toys, too! Opening the door to adult sex toys with this product line is a simple way to incorporate our love for the leaf and other adult, vibrating pleasures.

And just wait for their most amazing product—the Vaporator. Yep. It does what you think it does—it lets you enjoy a 510 threaded vape cartridge while it vibrates through twenty speeds and functions and was released on—you guessed it—4/20 of this year.

Expect a detailed review in a coming issue and count me lucky that I get to be the one to write it. In the meantime, keep ‘puffing and pleasuring’ to your heart’s content and rest assured that I’ll be doing the same—because it’s my job.

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