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Hot Fun in Warm Places

It's Summertime! Time to Enjoy Your Personal Biology While in Nature

It’s finally summer. I don’t know about you, but I sure have been looking forward to it! It’s the time of year that we can get away with wearing less, doing less (maybe) and being in a happy mood more often, sparked by an extra blast of sun and even more cannabis fun! And a few other things, for sure.

As the sophomoric, but insightful chant goes, “Hey, hey! It’s the first of May – outdoor fucking begins today!” Granted, it’s past that date, but hopefully you’ve been making up for lost time.

Maybe you’re gonna start your summer off with a camping getaway or aforementioned outdoor  play or even wet sex that involves rivers, streams, pools, skinny dipping… good ol’ clean (but dirty) fun!

You’ve probably figured out how many pre-rolls, lighters, vapes, and extra things that you’ll take that will contribute to an even more fun experience, no matter where you have it. So why not take some of your trusty sex toys with you when you pack your high?

I like keeping things simple when I go camping, which is usually what happens when I toss my gear on the back of my motorcycle and head north into the Sierras (no kidding). I want to have a sex toy at the ready, so I’ll pack a small bullet vibe with me and a slender, more all purpose one when I want to do an inside job, if you know what I mean. I’ll bring rechargeable ones because I’m gonna eventually be near a power source and I don’t want to have to schlep batteries with me. I mean, flashlight batteries don’t fit in a bullet vibe! Plus, they hold a charge for a long time. I like the little Nixie Smooch because if I leave it in a pocket or out somewhere, I don’t have to be embarrassed by it. And it’s pretty powerful. 

I have a new friend, too. It’s by Selopa and it’s compact enough to bring with me. It’s the Lemon Squeeze.

Yeah, I know you’re thinking that maybe that’s kinda small for an insertable vibe but what it lacks in size, makes up for in power and compactness. I like to slip it inside for g spot fun but it’s versatile to use on the outside or even over any kind of action you have between your legs. It’s silicone, too, making cleaning up a snap. Speaking of which, make sure you have baby wipes handy–it makes for a quick cleanup after any kind of hanky panky or sex toy frenzy. Or even if you need to wipe your face after an outdoor snack or hell, even to wipe a baby’s ass!

Now what about a comfy cock ring? I think that not only would they be comfortable to wear during a hike, keeping your junk from rubbing against your sweaty crotch, but could come in handy as an emergency something, which can easily happen when you’re camping. Need a ring to hold two things together? Need to tie your long hair back? Need to hang something from a ring? Some of the cock rings out there can be very useful when you just need, well, a ring!

There’s no need to leave your pleasure devices at home when you head outside for adventure. Think of these as accessories to the good time you’ll have in your head and the experiences you’ll have in your physical body. You’ll thank me later.

See you next month!

By Kim Airs

Canna Aid

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