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Growth Industry: Grasping the Potential of Penile Extenders

Penile Extenders: Taking a Long, Hard Look

In the ever-expanding world of sexual health and wellness, retailers find themselves presented with a variety of products, each promising to raise the consumer’s experience. Among these, penile extenders have emerged as devices surrounded by curiosity and a fair share of skepticism.

The Science Behind the Stretch

Think of penile extenders in terms of plants and growth.

Imagine you’re trying to help a plant grow straight and tall. You might use a stake to gently guide the plant upwards. Over time, the plant grows in the direction you’ve guided it.

Similarly, a penile extender works by gently stretching the penis. The biology revolves around the principle of “cytokinesis.” When the penis undergoes a consistent, gentle pull, the cells within the tissue start to divide and multiply. It’s like a little guide that encourages the penis to stretch and grow a bit longer over time, leading to a potential increase in length.

The Science Behind the Stretch

Let’s get a grip on the reality: While the Urology Care Foundation notes a lack of compelling evidence for many enlargement methods, penile extenders have managed to move beyond this barrier in some research circles. A 2015 study, for example, found a mean increase of 0.3-0.9 inches in flaccid penis length after consistent use over six months. Another systematic review in 2020 pointed to less than a 0.7-inch increase on average.

Yet, here’s the rub — not all experiences are created equal. It’s essential for retailers to communicate this variability, along with the importance of patience and proper use to avoid any overextension of expectations — or the penis itself.

Extendsive Selection

Several nonsurgical methods claim to lengthen the penis, but not all are created equal. While vacuum pumps and penoscrotal rings have their own stages, they’ve mostly been the opening acts. The headliner, penile extenders, have shown promising results in some studies, especially when compared to the others that often barely scratch the surface of scientific validation.

Extenduating Circumstances

A penile extender is a non-invasive medical device designed to gradually increase penile length through the principle of traction. It typically consists of a plastic base that sits at the base of the penis, two metal or plastic rods that run along the sides of the shaft, and a silicone band or noose that secures the head of the penis. For effectiveness, it’s generally recommended to wear the extender for several hours each day over a period of months, allowing for a slow, safe, and potentially effective extension.

Pumping It Up, But Falling Short

If you’ve seen the Ryan Reynolds comedy classic, Van Wilder, you’re at least familiar with the vacuum pump, or as they dubbed in the movie, a “cock pump.” Vacuum pumps are essentially tubes that create a vacuum around the penis, drawing blood into the organ. Although this may aid in achieving an erection, claims of lasting enlargement have been met with skepticism. A 2006 study found no significant physical effects after six months, though some users did report psychological satisfaction.

Ringing True or False?

Penoscrotal rings, commonly known as “cock rings,” worn around the base of the penis, aim to restrict blood flow to prolong an erection. While a few anecdotal cases suggest a potential increase in size when used with certain medications, the evidence is far from conclusive.

Ringing True or False?

Retailers, your role is crucial in providing trustworthy products with clear guidance for safe use—after all, we’re dealing with sensitive assets here. Penile extenders aren’t a one-size-fits-all miracle but a viable option for personal enhancement seekers. Prioritize extenders that measure up to scrutiny and align with hopes, not just hype.

Meet the Extendables

Crafty contraptions for augmenting your assets.


SizeGenetics: SizeGenetics prides itself on comfort. It employs a rod-based system that can be customized to the user’s needs, with a variety of attachment methods that cater to different preferences and anatomies. Users can customize the tension and rod length for gradual progression with its no-slip protection, ensuring less slippage and consistent traction for effective stretching.

Phallosan Forte:

Endorsed by medical professionals for its safety and efficacy, this German-made extender uses vacuum adhesion for flexible wear. It features a customizable chamber, tension indicator, and can be enhanced with the Phallosan Forte Plus for increased traction.

Hydromax by Bathmate:

A water-powered penis pump for use in the shower or bath, designed for comfort with a soft seal, durable build, and straightforward pump system. Offering various sizes and pressure settings, it creates suction to facilitate erections and may help with tissue growth over time. Water acts as a lubricant and cushion, reducing irritation and enhancing the user experience.

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Penile extenders have emerged as devices surrounded by curiosity and a fair share of skepticism.