Resetting for a Recession

Are you prepared for the challenges that your business may experience over the next year? Although economists are divided, key indicators point towards a U.S.


HQ Acquisition

The splitting of an atom is what powers a nuclear bomb. The fusion of an atom is what powers the sun. One destroys; one creates—and in this industry, it’s all about creation.

On May 3, 2022, a fusion occurred within our subset of commerce that has already sent a creative shockwave through the supply chain when Smoke Shop Events acquired HeadQuest Magazine in an all-cash purchase.

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Hail to the Chief

Sandy Caputo Appointed as New President of HQ (And Did NOT Approve This Article) There are seismic shifts currently taking place in the HeadQuest universe and they are things of which you

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The A, B, C’s of THC

In the beginning there was marijuana, ganja: and it was good. It was used by Native Americans, Mexican shamans, and a host of ordinary, regular folks who just plain liked

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