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Canna Aid

Fleshlight Boost

New sensations. Uncharted territories. Those are the phrases that come to mind when describing the Fleshlight Boost, engineered to provide mind-blowing stimulation and intense sensations. The Turbo Textured sleeve tightly clings to the shaft, generating an irresistible suction sensation that immerses you deeper into a realm of tantalizing pleasure. As you withdraw, it teases and tugs, heightening your arousal with each movement.

Inside the Boost, a symphony of pleasure awaits you. The unique pattern of stimulators, including pleasure ribbons, intensity nodules, suction chambers, ribs, and nubs, works in perfect harmony to stroke and caress. Each thrust sends waves of ecstasy throughout your body, building up to an explosive release that will leave you trembling with satisfaction.

Crafted from Fleshlight’s patented SuperSkin material, the Boost offers an incredibly lifelike experience. Its soft, supple texture emulates the real thing, intensifying your pleasure and making every irresistible. And with its durable construction, the Boost is built to last, ensuring countless sessions.

Canna Aid

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