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Little Genie Hot Love Card Game

Offer your customers a sizzling new product. Hot Love, the “game for lovers” will take couples on an exciting sexual adventure. This gender-neutral, Rummy-style card game is perfect for any couple looking to bring a new level of excitement to the bedroom. The traditional 4-card suits are replaced by 4 types of sensual adventures: Romance, Roleplay, Fetish, and Sex. Each category offers a journey that starts with teasing foreplay, gradually builds to more intimate activities, and concludes with unforgettable sex. With multiple ways to play and endless possibilities, Hot Love guarantees to ignite your customers’ passion and send mundane sex a’packin. The game includes 53 cards, featuring 12 Romance Cards, 12 Roleplay Cards, 12 Fetish Cards, 12 Sex Cards, and 4 Wild Cards. Order now and bring a little extra heat to your store!

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