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Puff & Pleasure: Ho Ho Ohhhhh

Gifts to Make More Than Spirits Rise

By Kim Airs

Welcome to December, the month when gifting is in order, no matter your religion (or lack thereof). It’s the perfect month to gift someone that item they’ve been hinting at all year—or, for that matter, to surprise them with something you’ve always wanted them to enjoy.

Cannabis, in its many forms, allows us to let those on the nice list, try something new: a new variety, a different way to deliver the high, a different level or type of high that might be a unique twist to what they usually experience.

Now how about adding something else to really create a different experience? I’m sure you’re familiar with the different sensations your skin and mind go through when indulging, so just imagine adding vibration sensations to those precious cells in your body, no matter where they are.

If you own a brick and mortar outlet, it’s easy to pass off smaller vibrators as stocking stuffers while gently dropping the hint to your customers that ‘hey, this could be fun to use’ either under the spell of your favorite strain. To make that upsell a little easier, many distributors carry holiday themed toys, the latest of which comes to us from Global Novelties. They even have clever Santa references printed right on them. No, you’re not stoned—that vibe DOES say ‘Santa’s Bitch” on it! And there are plenty of red and green vibes which can fall into both the yuletide them. Or, break them up and you have Valentine’s day on one hand and a year-round celebration of your favorite plant in the other.

During the holiday season, both regular and new customers are sure to show up and ask for gift suggestions for the friends on their shopping lists. Why limit the selection to vapes, glass and gummies? Try slipping in the line “Oh! I know what would make your gift extra special!” or “Are they on the Naughty List?” and lead them over to your pleasure product section. If they question why, suggest that it’s something that can enhance their experience, whether high or not. Selling sex toys with knowledge and enthusiasm during the holidays is an effective way to wear down that uptight resistance. It’s a time to celebrate and indulge. Why not throw that special friend for a loop? Going to a white elephant party? Well, we have just the thing—and it’ll tickle them pink (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

What about selling a non-vibe adult item? There is a large variety of dice and card games from our friends at Kheper Games, that have plenty of naughtiness written all over them. Many of their card, dice, and board games require a sex toy in the mix so this gives you an excellent reason for cross-selling. While we’re on the subject, flip over to this month’s After Hours feature for a few more twisted takes on tabletop diversion. Ooh. La. La.

As I’ve said before, in adult shops, the winter holiday season is just a dress rehearsal for Valentine’s Day—and any of the toys you offer now that are red can be easily remerchandised for that Hallmark holiday come mid-February.

May you prosper this holiday season!

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