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Canna Aid

Screamin’ Squirrel & Kawaii Kiss Personal Stimulators

Hold on to your hats (or maybe your delicates) as the Screamin’ Squirrel takes you on a pleasure-packed joyride! This mischievous little critter combines the power of air pulse and vibration to create sensations that will make you squeal. Its mouth knows just how to please your sensitive bits, while its curved tail takes aim at the “spot,” whether that’s the G or the P. With independent controls, you’re the conductor of this pleasure-filled symphony.

Looking for a sweet and flirty companion? Say hello to the Kawaii Kiss, your new BPF (Best Pleasure Friend). This adorable flicker & air pulse charmer is here to sweep you off your feet. The flicker’s flexible touch will have you weak in the knees, mimicking the most tantalizing oral or finger play. And when the air pulse feature comes into play, the Kawaii Kiss will hit all your sweet spots with precision.

Both toys are your partners for a playful and pleasurable escapade. They’re like mischievous sidekicks on a mission to unlock your wildest fantasies and send you into a realm of pure ecstasy. So, buckle up and let Like A Kitten be your guide through a whimsical realm of self-discovery, pampering, and unadulterated bliss. Get ready to giggle, gasp, and giggle some more as you unleash your inner vixen with these extraordinary pleasure products.

Canna Aid

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